FLASHBACK BRIDGES in NCAA Football 20 Career! Madden PC Mods


NCAA Football 20 From Madden 20 PC Mods. For more information follow @CFBMXX on Twitter


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  1. MelaninGod504 says

    I just started getting into NBA 2k on the PC and the Modding Community is Insane. I stop playing Madden about 6 years ago because when I played online, I lost alot of close games due to drop key interceptions. The question I have is,if I get Madden on the Gaming PC will I see legendary Players,Teams, Stadiums etc. that you will never see on the console?

  2. Christopher Braggs jr says

    What PC do I need to play the mod ?

  3. Eleanor Hill says

    How does he play the NCAA in college football and a full season?????????

  4. Emediong Paul-Inyang says

    Do a seris

  5. Fatboifresh 305 says

    I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I seen QJB lose…as a UM fan this was da worst loss ever

  6. K J says

    Only og’s remember this

  7. Ladella Jones says

    I want to play the college lead

  8. King Dev says

    Oh look an interception caused by Chris Olave smh just like against Clemson

  9. BaSicGANg Tv says

    Where’s London bridge?!

  10. KLEWIII says

    Where is the legend son???

  11. AGU Dil says


  12. dripdrip says

    how do you get it with just socks ad not the tights

  13. Justice Blake says

    make another one

  14. Mobbinhigh 4KT says

    Yes keep makin vids

  15. Hunter Reynolds says

    Why has this man London been in college for like 6 years

  16. Wes Wade says

    How did you do the mod ?

  17. yungrexbrehh says

    The user the user??

  18. Maxwell Battle says

    Bro got lineman boots

  19. Paid Habits says

    that boy turnt up

  20. Nasir Stanton says

    When you just finished homework and want to relax and watch a great Youtube channel.-Currently Me

  21. im glad QJB has not changed over the years i havent been watching him

  22. SOAR Charter says

    I like ohio state

  23. Ericq Speight says

    Bro he should be in the NFL by now ???

  24. Nathan Green says

    Go canes

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