FlightReacts Has No Football IQ Pt.3



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  1. lil Obese says

    I dont watch flight i only know him from videos like this so i could be wrong, but it seems like all his footbball knowlege comes from madden.

  2. KornOnThaCob KBK says

    The fact that he says he’s wearing Randy Moss's number is so disrespectful.

  3. Darkprince 305 says

    I'm convinced that Flight is just trolling for views. There's no way someone could be this, well this. If he is being serious I don't think he should be let out of the house or carry Sharpe objects

  4. ELLIS SMITH says

    When is he gon realize real football ain’t like madden

  5. Bentzy olswang says

    Flight gets destroyed then announcer can we watch the replay again ?????????????????

  6. Brandon Ingram says

    Who knows less football

  7. Guillaume Lemay says

    It’s just me or l just want to knock im out for saying bullshit

  8. Jesus Favela says

    He has to be acting for views and comments

  9. Mike Butler says

    I had the same reaction as Zias and B Lou??

  10. Raphael Aronson says

    he never said it was clinton portis it j reminded him of it, u rly fishin for shit

  11. Raphael Aronson says

    amari cooper is a casual

  12. EUSEBIO OZUNA says

    “Is that’s merrian barber” ???????????????????

  13. RXGUE_ says

    Flight is right tho. Cooper is a casual receiver

  14. Sam says

    Alright we get it YT Plug you're a vikings fan. Cousins still trash lmaoooo

  15. Lincoln Naki says

    He doesn’t watch football games , he just looks at highlights from Tom Brady and players that are talked about a lot like Lamar Jackson ( he probably only knows him cuz he won MVP this year and from madden )

  16. Flirken1 says

    Marion barber? Is this dude a decade behind us? Or in a coma for a decade?

  17. ZEN_yeet says

    0:03 1 he isn’t and two if anyone could wear randys number it would be diggs

  18. Sterling Harding says

    Y’all are just on his nuts?

  19. Dacharvrick Collins says

    The cameras are never on ✒️???

  20. Lawson Kalistook says

    Flight is cringe ?

  21. arial gazman says

    This way too funny lol

  22. Kody Nez says

    Pretending to be a troll and still getting over 100k views just for speaking nonsense. Shit, I’m about to start my own YouTube troll channel

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