Food, inc. (2008) Official Trailer #1 – Documentary HD


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Food, inc. (2008) Official Trailer #1 – Documentary HD

An unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry.

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  1. Cowfat says

    I'm gonna stick to eating meat

  2. daisiesinthefield says

    Where can I view the whole documentary?

  3. Saamo Kari says

    REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE IS THE SOLUTION. ???????? Read David R. Montgomery' Growing a Revolution and listen to speeches from the Grass Fed Exchange : Ray Archuletta, Elaine Ingham, Christine Jones, Gabe Brown.

  4. Zander George says

    I'm eating a burger right now.

  5. Stephanie says

    I’m reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma and when I saw Pollan was in this, I was even more intrigued.

  6. TheOcPrinCezZ says

    The best thing to stop the problem is to stop eating meat
    Going vegan was the best decision of my life

  7. Rodney Horton II says

    My ELA teacher made me go on a diet In summer 2020

  8. Jose Ruiz says

    I watch that movie at Ms. Petry class, I know about food Bourne illnesses.

  9. Music_Lights says

    This movie changed my life and is the reason I became vegan 9 years ago.

  10. Liusila says

    It's just about USA though. Living in the UK I'd like to know what the food business in Europe is all about.

  11. Nicole says

    Watched this today.

    There was a family on there..the lady acted like veggies were too much.

    Her family had just spent $11-$12 on fast food.
    It sounded like they go out to fast food a lot..because "its cheaper and fast"…
    Say the average they spent on fast food once a day is $12. Every day. Thats $84 a week. $336 a month.
    They could definitely afford better food for a week and consume leftovers if budgeting correctly.

    And if they're eating more fast food during the week..for most meals. That adds up too. $168 for two meals at $24 a day. For a week.
    A month is $672.

    Thats only if these are all coming to $12…but most places will average between $10-$15.
    This lady is simply not doing the math or wanting to put in effort.

    I get being busy..but crock pots are amazing. Even pressure cookers can help.
    Its about laziness. Not wanting to prepare…

  12. Kay Squad says

    Read chew on this its almost like this❤️❤️❤️??

  13. Morris says

    Food Inc (2008) was the start of me going Vegetarian. Matter of fact I think I started right after Thanksgiving 10 years ago so these things DO work. Ha. A Place At The Table about the hunger crisis is a good one too.

  14. Matt Cook says

    This is slander

  15. More Kindness Now says

    Vegan Is way Better

  16. Logan Gomez says

    That's why I don't eat many foods anymore.

  17. Zé Oliveira says

    I'm hungry

  18. Alexa Croft says

    Food is a business. Gotta do what they can to make the money. Screw your health, we've got a business to run. lol

  19. The illusive man says

    Vegan Is way Better !

  20. jamieson collie says

    This is horrible

  21. Ryan Grone says

    The Monsanto trolls have been out trolling activists that are anti-monsanto!

  22. Carlos Zepeda Álvarez says

    Muy interesante je 🙂

  23. ibrahim Omran says


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