Football Injuries & Horrible Moments 2018 ● HD


► Football Injuries 2018 ● Injuries, Fouls, Tackles & Blood
► Terrible, Injuries, Horrible Moments in Football, Football Injury 2018: Jesus, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Dembele, Rooney, Kramer etc.

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  1. Nadia Normandie says

    What was the last song it good

  2. _charlie_thegamer_ 10 says

    Not a liverpool fan or a city fan but I thought mane got the ball (Iam a man united fan)

  3. camille optic says

    What the song at 5 :14 please

  4. Thị Lan Anh Nguyễn says

    Guys please i can name song second

  5. SuPer -G says

    Is this the channel where MNXHD deleted videos go???

  6. YouTube Owner says


  7. Me and angle We will always stay friends forever says

    OMG poor ppl who got injured

  8. Naomi Cotter says

    I am only 18 and my ankle. Was bleeding so bad through my sock

  9. Matěj Zahradník says

    What name the first song in video,please

  10. jecko says

    Stolen content

  11. thudxxx says

    First melody?

  12. Legendary Gaming says

    what's the song at 3:21?

  13. Matěj Zahradník says

    Please songs names

  14. Gaël Du 70 Gaming says
  15. oof oof says

    Song name!

  16. Annie Sawyer says

    Edersons head was to big Mane thought it was the ball

  17. Juanfe Escobar Espinosa says

    Name of the second song please ! Very good videos

  18. Stefan Dodic says


  19. Aaron says

    First one! Heheh

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