Football Manager 2009 trailer


The official trailer of Football Manager 2009.

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  1. Sigit Febiano says

    Rowan Atkinson should be manager profile on next FM project

  2. Challengers Netsurf says

    Now it's time to change the gear and here is the way……

  3. E2S says
  4. RİCKİYE says

    Şimdiki trailer çok kötü . 2009-2008 dakini izleyince insanın oynayası geliyor

  5. qzig says

    I watched 2020 trailer and yt recommended me this ?

  6. lucscya says

    我的faq? Recommended to me after I watched FM 2020 crap trailer.

  7. Ricin says

    11 years later

    Oh hey, watch this trailer from more than a decade ago!

  8. Saklı YANDUMAN says

    10 yıl önce ?

  9. The Legend says
  10. Patch Raffa says

    New patch for fm2008 #ComingSoon in this group ->

  11. Firman Nugraha says

    Coming here after the 2019 trailer


    1 Million views, 444 likes… The Old YouTube

  13. Reflx says

    Time dose fly fast

  14. Rae G.O.D. says

    wish they would release a trailer quickly before they release FM17… money for shooting a trailer shouldn't be a problem

  15. Genon May says


  16. IregenI says

    why they don't do any trailers for fm anymore???

  17. Spoon Syndrome says


  18. Manager Games says

    Miss that time!

  19. nhhhh says

    Learn to spell.

  20. Jørn Myreng says

    0:26 Arsene Wenger

  21. Bertil Nilsson says

    Sit back and watch

  22. Horatius_PL says


    Amen brother.
    Varmbols FC.

  23. Horatius_PL says

    LLManagers UNITE !!!!!!!! 🙂
    Congrats from the Blyth Spartans !

  24. Roee B says

    @fourfives89 Try The Data Editor

  25. Jeyamurali Sivapathasundaram says

    @polychronio why? and which manager game would you recommend for me? im new to it thanks

  26. Janna Heyerick says

    Goose 😀

  27. xrayguns says

    goose r awsum 😉

  28. Hoi Mun Yee says

    i like the game but y is arsenal so damn strong in it? I lose everytime i play them

  29. polychronio says

    fifa manager don't make sense…

  30. Fishin619 says

    "why do you put yourself through this?'
    "it's what i do"
    nice answer for a big manager guy………..this game is shit!

  31. Olivier Goessens says

    Aha! that's belgian music!

  32. Aqil Haris says

    arsenal to strong at the game . i realley hated .

  33. Pastrana Aidi says

    somehow in the epl i tink arsenal n man city are the 2 best team in the game

  34. Ryan says

    Santon or Di silvestri?

  35. arminarmy videos says

    je confirme 🙂 !

  36. dcvbhtrdf says

    is there a data editor on the 2009 game? cos i've had it for a while and never been able to change anything like I could on FM2008.

  37. Metalgear55 says

    best manager game:)

  38. John Entwistle says

    You must really suck at the game. I am already finding it too easy to beat the top 4 teams. Honestly, not trying to insult you or anything.

  39. yet1011 says

    tats becoz u sucks lol.
    no seriously, u sucks

  40. Adam T says

    my god,all my life i've been buying fifa,but this year i'm gonna try football manager.cant wait till october comes!!!!gonna buy fifa 10 and football manager 10 :D:D:D:D

  41. ttuberr says

    i think u should wait for 2010 .. .:D cuz is coming soon , october i think … 😀

  42. ttuberr says

    football manager man , it`s fantastic , fifa manager is more about coach private life , and is boring and the champions manager is awful …. so i recommend you to buy football manager 09 😛

  43. Christophe P says

    "Why do you put yourself through this?"… "it's what I do"

  44. Nebojša Petković says

    can somebody help me??? a don't speak english very well, and i can not hear what is the journalist's question to the trainer???
    something like, "why do you…."

  45. SYNCpro says

    is this game out yet?
    if it is, how can we adjust with the summer transfer market? should we transfer each player manually?

  46. creasicle says

    Does anyone know what software is used to programme football manager?

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