Football vs Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect


Dude Perfect football vs F2 soccer… trick shot style!
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Comment: Jezza’s laugh is amazing!

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  1. Dude Perfect says

    Overtime Ep. 2 launches MONDAY @ 5 PM CST! ?

  2. Riaan Potgieter says

    Tyler wins

  3. Victor Hugor says

    Alguma pessoa BR

  4. Rahana P says

    1st Billy is the best

  5. Jeremy Lasnetski says

    I wish I could meet u guys

  6. ShowSeptic says

    ty had the better pos

  7. Dude Mini Perfect says

    I like football more

  8. 徐大扬 says

    Like football comment soccer

  9. cromwell villaluna says

    you. Man

  10. Tessa Deau says

    Honestly I think Ty

  11. Floner says

    who is still watching this in 2020??? like if u are

  12. Dylan Alvarez says


  13. Tom Johnstone says

    In england soccer is football

  14. Blaine Douglas says


  15. full says

    billy is the best

  16. adam grasso says


  17. Abubakar khan says

    always ty

  18. Zingie Moshodi says


  19. Dominik Ose says

    best episode in a way

  20. مقاطع متنوعة says

    شنو اسم قناة الي يلعبون كورة

  21. Eli's Trick Shots says


  22. Finley Jolley says

    Billy because I’m from the uk

  23. william joya says


  24. football expert vaibhaev says

    billy is the best and ty is second best

  25. Divad53_Beastling says

    I need subs so plz sub

  26. Dhani Prasetya Widjaja says

    When you want me to choose i choose both

  27. xd_kuenga says

    It’s called football and American football not soccer

  28. Ian Smith says

    Billy or ty

  29. Gihan Van Schalkwyk says


  30. Abubakar Khan says


  31. Keon Pires says

    When your friend does better than you 2:59


    Which is the best???

    Like – Soccer trick shots ⚽
    Comment – Football trick shots ?

  33. Yahiya Khan says


  34. Flordeliza Bigcas says


  35. Jeremiah B says

    Billy won

  36. Brayden Graves says

    You are awesome DP

  37. Ryan Crane says


  38. tiger slash says

    Which one is better football or football

  39. Thong Channakhone says

    I want them to do part 2

  40. Amy Fultz says

    Make a second one

  41. subramanya chandan says

    Nice video very nice

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