Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports


Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo breaks down some of the most famous racing movies of all time, including ‘The Fast and the Furious,’ ‘Baby Driver,’ ‘Days of Thunder,’ ‘Taladega Night,’ ‘Driven’ and ‘American Graffiti.’

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Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports

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  1. User Unknown says

    "On a race car we don't have NOS"

    Then explain DRS to me Dani-boy

  2. Mahesh M V U says

    17:30 take notes, people. His masterclass in braking and overtaking in China was sublime.

  3. kalel Wilson says

    R.I.P Burt Reynolds..?

  4. walter hank says

    He has like 567 teeth

  5. PassiveSmoking says

    Please do Rush!

  6. Rob Schilke says

    What he didn't say about the WRX: They modified the stunt car to be RWD vs the stock AWD.

  7. Peter Badger says

    It wasn't until he started talking about racing drivers training their neck muscles that I realized how hench his neck is! It's as wide as his head!!!

  8. Charley Mitchell says

    I don't think he watches Nascar. Because they wreck each other on purpose all the time

  9. Makka pakka says

    Why not the film rush?

  10. Makka pakka says

    They got the worst guy to do this! (That’s not me saying he’s bad I’m saying they picket the worst guy for this video)

  11. Truckin Goat says

    No full conversations? He's never heard of Kyle Busch and any team in Nascar.

  12. Kristine Bellamy says

    Such a bro, Ricciardo!

  13. Anthony Jackson II says

    movie: "bono I cant watch the tire"

    Daniel: "that is what we call a baby or prick, I call it Lewis Hamilton"

  14. TheRealSalami says

    1.8K Verstappen fans watched this video

  15. Toxic Stoic says

    "female OR friends", this guy knows. I like it.

  16. Orangechase 12 says

    Trust me Danielle passing backmarkers in NASCAR is much easier than F1

  17. Dave Russell says

    1:03 – Danny boy, you do know conversating isn't a real word?

  18. Philippe Gerondeau says

    What about the piston cup motherfugggers?

  19. Eric Fournier says

    ye is good idee check and cut the movie piece by piece good what i say hein daniel

  20. Eric Fournier says

    still have that version eric at 41 seconde inside the movie and at 48 second when you laft the limit you say tje one i ear laffing inside the movie back stage if i cut piece by piece and send to you is good or not thing do you have kid ricciardo

  21. sofia pecina says

    car flips in the air, crashing, possibly killing driver daniel: ooooo that's gonna leave a mark

  22. Indy Van Zuijlen says

    Ngl but my favorite car movie was herbie with lindsay lohan

  23. crankyllama says

    "you should not lose control in a straight line"

    sbinalla: allow me to introduce myself

  24. Tyler Lee says

    Hes moving very aggressively.
    Thanks, i needed an f1 driver to say for me to realise.

  25. Eric Hollaway says

    Daniel is WAY overqualified for this video. They could’ve used any car person for this..

  26. Proppa Cockney says

    Come on Daniel we all know you've done all of these tricks, but you can't say so.

    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you're secret is safe mate!

  27. Victor Hugo says

    Just look at this dude, the accent and he's probably tall af, and on top of that an F1 driver. This guy's girlfriend must be a literal goddess

  28. Toby Harries says

    Maybe let him use the remote? lol

  29. bry gar says

    Johnny long neck

  30. ovo xo says

    I like how he didn’t even notice the CGI error In baby driver where HE LITTERALLY CLIPS THROUGH THE SEMI TRUCK. 7:49

  31. Tyler Blizzard says

    Didn’t I see him wreck his own teammate in F1? Lmao

  32. Eltoro Toro says

    That was Smoooooth Operator, Smoooth Operation….

  33. Jimmy Tweedale says

    6:08 "so drifting" my guy was rippin the hand brake with his left hand hes driving on the wrong side of the road! Lol

  34. Alfalfa Male says

    "…female OR friends…" classic Danny.

  35. Itz Spyke says

    He listens to Aries. This proves that Aries is for everyone lol

  36. 0minous Vlogs says

    Old formula drivers used to be better than the current ones(Most)

  37. Chris Cuthbertson says

    Some race cars used to run methanol that produced 'invisible' flames… so you did get people on fire and no one could see it.

  38. BDXRdemon says

    Ricardo forgot to mention for days of Thunder on the crash scene is that back in those days you had to race to the flag to keep your position unlike today's rules.

  39. Lostsage01 says

    Black flag, you’ve done something dirty, illegal, really wrong…

    Still wondering how Vettel avoided one for deliberately running into the side of Hamilton at Baku a few years ago

  40. Anthony says

    Daniel and Lando is going to be the most enjoyable personalities to watch in one team. Wooooow.

  41. GT86 says

    Where's Initial D? ??

  42. Sada Twinkletoes says
  43. Nagesh JekReddy says

    What about Rush

  44. Neird says

    Manager: "How is you neck training?"
    Ricciardio: "Look at me, do i ready for 50g?"
    Manager: "Holy cow..i said 5"

  45. Nathaniel Nevins says

    YES! I remember the first time I watched the opening scene of Baby Driver, when he drifts around the 2 semis

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