Fortnite Football… GONE WRONG!


Struck by the banhammer ?

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Video Uploaded by HJDoogan

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  1. HJDoogan says

    That was close… ?
    Code HJD is 30% on gfuel until monday!

  2. dosbros90 says

    Anyone else from canada or us triggerd on how Hjd is calling soccer "football"

  3. Tahmid Rakib says
  4. Tahmid Rakib says
  5. ShinyGoldPlayzYT says

    my mind : BOOOM

  6. The_Burgerman Master says

    That music at the end was making me laugh not sure why

  7. Rowan Murphy says

    That was me!!!! I got banned that day next to those skins!!!

  8. Assist ed says

    This vid so funny I swear?

  9. Mysterymanz 09 says

    Just did the tootsie slide out of there lol

  10. aadk kalaf says

    I did the same thing u did and all the other players got struck by the banhammer!!!???

  11. S44HIR_ A says

    This shows how toxic epic games have gone to

  12. cooljbasketball says

    Do you remember this from the old map

  13. Itz Etraiin says

    Not my fault I can't have that social media

  14. UltraHyper GG says

    5:28 were they actually banned?

  15. Hubzilla says

    The Kepa clip was good

  16. Alice Dawn says

    I was scaredddddddd

  17. Enzo Mendonca says

    Looks like this is a job for X Æ – 12

  18. Pancake Souls says

    He said gotta go at the end

  19. Ethan Snelders says

    me: 0:57

  20. Valdoz says

    i did not expect that

  21. JAYDEN TOBIAS says

    You almost got banned

  22. Quake says

    I feel sad for them ngl #teamerslivesmatter

  23. Dripzyy says

    LMFAOOOOO ??????????????????

  24. sultan Alnahar says

    Haaaa doogen #red card for you

  25. Icefur says

    Fifa saying Bruno Fernades be like bruno fenans

  26. Noth1ng_2ornot says

    Im really sorry for these guys. Youre lucky you were not the next! But c'mon, when I team with someone I dont kill other guys

  27. Noah Garcia says

    The music had me dyingg??

  28. Jonas Fraer says

    If you play fifa i would love to See some content from fifa please

  29. Oof Beast says

    The sweats that dont know who david dea

  30. Dominic Ramirez says

    Today was a crazy day. So today a new op glitch released which give me a bunch of Victory Royales. Then it got patched so I went on solos and I landed at the Authority and someone took the chopper and then they landed the chopper where I was. Then I went inside there chopper and then they started driving with me inside the chopper then I started emoting. Then he changed seats to shoot then I starting driving then he emoted so we were teaming and it doesn’t end there once we landed we were walking around and another dude showed so we teamed with him, then we went around the map killing people then. The next thing you know they both get the ban hammers. I’m just like ?. The crazy part is I didn’t get banned for doing op glitches. So I’m yeah sorry if I don’t make sense

  31. JustVibeCentral says

    Top 10 most sad anime deaths

  32. quello di prima says

    i love the edits


    I laughed so loud at the final part that my mom just threw her shoes at me

  34. Louie Leuii says

    Keep em coming Doogs. This definitely one of my favorite ones yet. You're a legend.

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