Fragging in Destiny Is Like Dancing to Classical Music


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Waiting for the Destiny Beta to start up again? Check out some of the Escapist’s favorite moments from this past weekend!

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  1. TheFlyingNarwhal _ says

    The Beta. Those were the days of hope.

  2. OurLordBison says

    Turns out it was shit not to my surprise

  3. DRAGONAUTA StonerRocker says

    looks like any fps game why so much hate or brag about it? it looks cool yeah… but……

  4. Daiaka1121 says

    I'm confused…I didn't see a single grenade…maybe change the word fragging to killing?

  5. sophie van de weg says

    classical music just makes everything better. i remeberded playing saints row and spraying shit all over pedestrians with some classical music.. the best thing ive ever done xD

  6. Koniving says

    Music name?

  7. aylamaiia says

    My life sucks. I'm 22 years old and the only job I've had so far was working in fast food. My co-worker hates me and has tried to kill me. Also I have no friends except a southern girl I like and my other friend who only hangs out with me because he is mental. I have to ride my bike everywhere because I can never get my drivers licences. And the worst part is, I live in a pineapple.

  8. eliteministas says

    I don't know what to say… It kinda looks like Xonotic with better graphics.

  9. Agan Mardrus says

    pc gaming. it's just like comments sections

  10. Agan Mardrus says

    (plays game, types insults with keyboard, minimizes game to file tax returns and have another martini mr. bond).

  11. EliteDeltaTeam says

    Montages goes well with Classical.

  12. Alek Miller says

    How could Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture get 200 Dislikes? O_o

  13. David Louis says

    Well, I'll probably avoid the ps4 bundle, but if the reviews are decent I might pick it up in a few months or two.

  14. The Icon of Sin says

    PC are jelous.

  15. Rogan Foxhound says

    Oh hey it's another Halo

  16. #MakeBritainGreatAgain says

    I'll get it if it comes out for PC, otherwise not gonna happen.

  17. Zack Young says

    What's with all the complaints about journalism? Two of their most watched "journalists" have opinions that are clearly theirs and as with any gamer or journalist even outside video games are allowed to broadcast their tastes as per their wishes.

    Does someone need to be paid off in advertising money to say they enjoy something? A lot of corporations owe me some money then.

  18. nyanfish says

    i bet you this is going to be a game that gets really high scores 90-95 but ends up having almost no one like it, like Dark souls 2 and bioshock infinite.

  19. Michael Moore says

    Gotta love when modern gaming and classical music have a live child

  20. Jaime says

    Well guys guess we better "Believe the hype"…

  21. smaniz says

    Lol, hell no. Playing fps with a gamepad is still fucking retarded…

  22. owlflame says

    I mean it looks alright. I'm not getting where this "OMG! BEST GAME EVER! 10 out of 10! SHOOTERS ARE SAVED" Vibe that everyone's getting from this halo look a like. I just….. What? 

  23. carter97471 says

    there's a big smile on my face
    you cant see it but
    can you call the doctor?

  24. mryupjup says

    well you need some solid tactics to be good at dancing on classical music.

  25. Roswell says

    So you guys made a Destiny trailer. For how much?

  26. ausgebombt says

    superb editing and sense of timing, congrats on the video

  27. Marty2012 says

    Any shooter can be montaged alongside classical music to achieve these results.
    Dumb video was dumb.
    Don't be pulling an IGN on me, Escapist. 

  28. John Pinkerton says

    Wow I cannot believe how boring this is, this is like watching paint dry with classical music played over it. Just pathetic.

  29. Wild Dog says

    I think they should give the Icon for Zero Punctuation a happy face if he happens to like one of the games.

  30. Alexander Bemu says


  31. barrierloss says

    classical music has tempo, key, time signature changes, etc that would make dancing to it sporadic and disjointed. My hair is a bird, your argument is invalid

  32. Daniel Freund says

    I'm sorry, but that was really lame.

  33. Sam Kennedy says

    Halo, Mass Effect, Borderlands & Cod mashed together, impressive

  34. Alex Wellbelove says

    Tell me this game will be for PC 

  35. amyar123 says

    I know it's terrible that im asking this but what song is that?

  36. Dylan C says

    What's the big deal? It looks like halo with capes.

  37. Jade Cicada says

    Any big budget game is going to have a ton of haters and a ton of fan boys.  This game looks beautiful and performs well on PS4.  I have no problems with it, and the 30/60fps difference doesn't bother me.  When it comes to PC games the frame rate can become an issue, but on console the frame rate is at least consistent so you don't even notice.  Why do you think movies are shot in 24 fps?  Do you really notice every individual frame at 24 fps?  Ignore the technicalities and just play the game and see if you like it, that's all that matters!

  38. Tomek Zylka says

    Looks like what Borderlands would've been before they decided to go cartoon style

  39. jamie says

    $60 for Halo 4 with an updated engine

  40. MrDiggertron5000 says

    Paid promotion. Guise…what the fuck? I only watch Escapist for Yahtzee and Jimquisition and this is just confirmation that I am right in doing so.

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