FULL Xbox Games Showcase – July 2020


Check out the July edition of Xbox Games Showcase to see what Microsoft has in store for Xbox Series X games. You’ll see Halo Infinite gameplay, Fable, My Neighbor 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Forza Motorsport, The Medium, and many more!

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Halo Infinite
12:16 – State of Decay 3 | World Premiere
14:02 – Phil Spencer presents Xbox Game Studios
15:40 – Forza Motorsport | World Premiere
16:53 – Everwild
19:51 – Tell Me Why
21:58 – Ori and the Will of the Wisps
23:26 – The Outerwilds
24:58 – Grounded
27:07 – Avowed | World Premiere
29:34 – As Dusk Falls | World Premiere
31:52 – Ninja Theory / Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2
33:20 – Psychonauts 2
36:48 – Xbox Game Pass & Destiny 2
39:51 – Stalker 2 | World Premiere
41:37 – Warhammer 40,000: Darktide | World Premiere
43:07 -Tetris Effect | World Premiere
44:52 – The Gunk | World Premiere
46:32 – The Medium
49:01 – Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis | World Premiere
51:05 – CrossfireX
52:43 – Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X
53:54 – Fable | World Premiere

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  1. Lexx Angelo says

    Xbox looks like it came prepared these games better have a great story and great graphics and gameplay or else

  2. Iris Valdez says


  3. Karl Franz says

    Holy shit look at all the ads

  4. Lexx Angelo says

    Avowed looking crisp gives me witches vibes

  5. Lexx Angelo says

    Now don't tell me Forza ain't about to blow your mind with them graphics

  6. Lexx Angelo says

    State of Decay looking like a movie

  7. WaveForceful says

    I dunno about Halo, I wasn't in awe or blown away by it, it just looked like it doesn't revolutionize anything or doesn't add anything….. meh, bang average.

    Microsoft just stop with Halo. Find something else. The Halo games under 343 have been barely par in my honest opinion however I think the Gear of War games under the collation have been masterpieces. Give Halo to the Collation.

    I mean look at Bungie's 1 and a half minute trailer for Beyond Light, there was more action and more emotion, more change in 1 minute than there was in the entirety of that Halo infinite gameplay showcase.

  8. Antonio Poerio says

    As an xbox fun… WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT

  9. ali banisadr says

    For everyone who is complaining about Adds, use chrome browser and get uBlock origins, no more adds, you are welcome!


    Cant wait for the august event

  11. If u guys hate ads just go to the end of the vid then hit rewind ur welcome

  12. Pixel Kronicle says

    Its the same bullshit every year/E3, cut scenes after cut scenes, no gameplay. But PS5 also didn’t show any gameplay, problem is bigger than microsoft, all these studios simply have nothing to show and when they do, people bash them so hard for every little detail that they dont wanna show anything until it’s finished or very close to.

  13. Smok Action says

    And I thought Sony’s presentation was okay. After watching Microsoft’s, I can’t take my palm off my forehead (facepalm) The next century stopped by asking where is the next-gen!? To be fare Medium and Crossfire were somewhat interesting

  14. Riley bam says

    Really excited about the new Tetris game!

  15. Lord Uchiha 666 says

    And this is why we choose Playstation

  16. Taevyon Daly says

    Ayo theres a video in my ads.

  17. arsonist 4000 says

    at least infinite is not halo 5

  18. Dean Krambule says

    I was waiting to hear people cheer but I forgot Covid ruins everything.

  19. SAND says

    Are you serious the games look worse than what my pc can do at the moment.

  20. GMV MontageGV says

    don't care couldn't care less

  21. Christian says

    Do they even try to sell their console when everything is coming to pc?

  22. Ali Akbarzade says

    10:38 This can't be ray traced! You can say.

  23. SpicyShrimpTaco ; says

    playstation stays taking dubs

  24. Pdubz21 says

    Doom eternal looked better on every aspect than halo infinite.

  25. Antuco Black says

    Looks like the same old games. Next gen doesn't mean much it seems.

  26. Gergely L says

    15:26 raytracing with native 4K at 60fps? on a 600$ machine. yeah, sure dude, keep misleading ur customers

  27. bvbbvbbvb says

    Still going to buy the xsx! let the Ponys go crazy acting like Sony showed us anything better 😀

  28. Smoggy Tv says


  29. Go to the end press restart and you'll have it ad free

  30. Льоня Стасюк says

    Stalker 2!!!!

  31. Danny Bakker says

    Xbox Game Pass is kicking for real now!

  32. What Is VR? says

    If youre waiting for the biggest game of the year. Then wait for cyberpunk ?

  33. Gabriel Mateo says

    You've got a video in your ads

  34. Alejandro Rodriguez says

    Holy shit this was bad! Like really fucking bad

  35. thejuicerisgone321 says

    Craig do be looking fresh tho?

  36. meechp123 says

    At least add a 3rd person view to Halo. And Jetpacks. Still, I am looking forward to the Xbox Series X and Gamepass.

  37. Iker Albiac says

    People saying Halo looks bad and its a fucking Demo?

  38. Sos N says

    Is stalker an xbox exclusive?

  39. Phaxix 02 says

    29:36 That literaly the younger versión of Susan.

  40. Renaissance Man says

    Did you spot the rubber coming off the tyre in Forza? If they're fully modelling tyre wear, that's going to be insane.

  41. Copperhead 89 says

    Just an hour of showing me what I can get without upgrading to the series X hahaha thankyou! I mean you're supposed to be selling consoles right? But there's no reason to buy a Series X when those with a decent gaming PC or even Xone can play all these games lol

  42. Cody M says

    Every game has a very cartoonish look

  43. John Alcala says

    Is it just me or does Halo looks very current gen?

    I appreciate what they're showing ACTUAL stuff you'll get, I guess. Not like what happened to fucking Watch Dogs…

  44. Cody M says

    All this power and still can't make a good game huh

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