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  1. DevThe Demongirl says

    It is not out T-T

  2. Alexia says

    ;-; it’s august 2nd now-
    Is it just me or-

  3. Annie UwU says

    I have iPhone 8 and iPad sooooo- IM VERY HAPPY :3

  4. Pink Cowwie says

    Yes im super patient

  5. Lazy Cookie :3 says

    Mine i will never get it ;-; i am android but i cant download it i mean WhaAaAAAAaT?

  6. シYassyシParisGacha says

    Where is the pinned comment??

  7. Daria Rublev says


  8. Itz Elena Gacha UwU says


    I’m an iOS user and I don’t see Gacha Club out yet

  9. Rylinn Johnson says

    It still has not came and it’s the 1 of agust

  10. Blood _ Fox says


  11. • M O C H A B E A R • says

    Its August 1 2020 now 🙁

  12. J u u k u i i says

    Me : Changing my location , if it came out that timeline

  13. Rei_whatislife -.- says

    Gacha club comes on iOS on August 25 sadly

  14. Gacha Pink Wolf says

    Tbh since i am andriod i don't think my gacha club is glitchy at all it's really good quality for me so i ain't complaining

  15. Desserts_Halo says

    Me in America : it’s coming out on the third bet.

  16. Prastuti Baral says

    It is evening in August 1 so I don't believe it

  17. 8:13, nothing yet! But In my life I have to be patient for A LOT of things so I think I can wait two more days. But let's all pray that it will come out today!

  18. Marblemarble Town says

    People at the end of 1st of August be like: ?

  19. e q u a n t i o x says

    OMGits comin out on my sista bday

  20. mohamed elfares says

    Me crying bc it’s already night and Gacha club still hasn’t came but me knowing to say luni try’s he’s best to make it fast so guys don’t beg him bc it’s very hard to make a game

  21. Bloodmoon_ Wolfie says

    Akio, your poor notifications… also, I heard if u say a Gachatubers name 3 times u get pinned ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Akio da wolfie
    Akio da wolfie
    Akio da wolfie

  22. Gouda55 says

    It’s been 17 mins and your already this far in views. WOW

  23. Cloudyy Gacha :3 says

    What's the release date for time zone eastern

  24. Rosaly Sos says

    Its august 1 i click and theres no gacha club

    Me: angry suffer

  25. Kouider Bouziani says

    IM so exited ???

  26. Xx Art 2.0 xX says

    it came out today…. OmGggG

  27. Corruption says

    Let’s hope it comes soon I thought it was coming in September but ey time to stalk the app store

  28. Elisha :D says

    It’s Luni’s time zone for the release so if u r in the uk in a couple of days I suppose

  29. Rosanna Metoyer says

    Not out ú^ù
    iOS gang rise with me out of sheer despair.

  30. •AngelixMoonlight• says

    Eeeee I can’t wait >w< and yeah we need to thank Luni more cause he’s been getting hate!

  31. 「 • ᴀᴋɪᴋø • 」 says

    It's not there- I'll honestly probably check every hour -w-" ?

  32. RegaSoup says

    Me: checked the App store 10 times. After watching this, I am checking again.
    Stil not there, but I will wait!

  33. Goldenglare NJ says

    New sub here owo i also turned da notifs on so i can watch more of ya vids =^=

  34. • b l o o m • says

    I'm getting my first phone (which will be an iPhone) in September! (My birthday) I'm using an Android tablet right now, and I hate it, im also getting an iPad!

  35. NELLa NoRA NoRA NELlA says

    It’s coming out tomorrow or the 3rd <3

  36. when Canada is having gacha club coming out on iOS at September

    hello darkness my old friend

  37. Erinagacha Cookie says

    Here's it is i got the release already o of

  38. black_ skiesss says

    I'm android
    My Gacha club thing isn't laggy-

  39. Nameless Noob ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ says


  40. {-Bunnychu-} says

    Hai but when does luni confirm the date? Like where does he say that? He said early August but it doesn’t have to be August 1,2, or 3….

  41. CJZH World says

    I can’t wait but I’m sorry gacha life good bye :c

  42. Midnight Glitches says

    New sub!

  43. ❦ https...Cookie ♥︎ says

    :0 Tysm for this amazing info!!

  44. Darkviolet 711 says

    Nope it’s aug 1st (well it’s 2 am so now it’s 2 nd but we all get it on the same day but they are on different day when we get it all at the same time

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