Game Theory: Ellie Is NOT Immune! (The Last of Us Part 2)


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The Last of Us franchise is a story of humanity trying to survive in the face of a virus turning people into fungus creatures that are not quite zombies. We learn early on in the first game that Ellie is immune, perhaps even the only immune person there is. This makes her invaluable to those trying to find a cure. Except, I think she may not be immune. The second game shows a lot of evidence that something else may be going on with Ellie. Something that may tell us the future direction of this story and the future of Ellie. 

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Jakub Pawlica says

    This show gives me a headache… dude jumps to random conclusions without good evidence and little kids eat it up.

  2. kim Draws says

    14:09 sees BTS

  3. Angry Sandwich says

    Didnt Ellie and Riley get bit by the same sort of infections but Riley got sick/infected anyway?

  4. Zephyr says

    if cordyceps fungus spreads with spores maybe we are the spores this is most common with ants cordyceps control ants and grow a tiny fungus on the head but maybe idk the fungus is under her head so probabaly we are the spores controlling her

  5. [*Cookie gaming Videos !! :D says

    Well she basically is imune because she isn’t reaction to it so she’s basically imune .,.

  6. Carman Dirda says

    They tell us several times in game (if you get all the notes and through dialogue) that she is infected with a mutated strain. If you played the first game, you should know she is infected. She got bit and the infection mutated. The only new news was what that meant as far as immune suppression.

  7. Nicholas Oborn says

    One thing I never understood was if ellie is immune which she is. why do the cordyceps attack her? shouldn't they already tell she has the fungi in her head or something and think shes already infected because shes already carrying the fungus?

  8. Danilo BlackOps says

    its all bullshit

  9. T Dog says

    Not infected with the correct cordyceps type, but inhales a whole lot of spores daily so spores that turn others into zombies doesn't turn her? Okay I guess.

  10. 0DD says

    Still I believe she’s still immune. She had got bit in the first game. Yet still hasn’t turned now the average person should have turned in what let’s say, 20. Minutes? Now it’s been a couple of years. Yet let’s think about resident Evil, The T virus Alice is the subject who was the clone of a woman you has a disease that should make her look old by the age of 10 I believe. Yet if project Alice was a clone how come the T-Virus would had changed her to the undead even if the project had a Had gone through in Ellie’s brain as he showed us are low he said. Yet Immunity is what both Alice and Ellie have. Also let the game be the game if they want that plot let them have the plot . This is my opinion though.

  11. Nolan Penosky says

    Did anyone realize The colour green wasn’t on the game theory symbol it was yellow

  12. Bellywise says

    Left behind dlc

  13. Joshua Au says

    does it mean if she bites anybody who is not infected they will also become immune

  14. Tony says

    Minute 10:50 or sumthin-.. and how did the person before ellie got infected by the same one then? .-.

  15. Aaron Lay says

    So, I guess that explains the second bite.

  16. David Hunter X says

    Just keep cV19 out of ur videos. And the masks.

  17. Dillon Orengo says

    You all can get offended if you want idc. But there’s a reason why there are specific people who are qualified to rate and review a game. There’s also a reason why everyday people aren’t called critics. People hated the game for some unknown reason, but critics didn’t. Idk I loved the game, every moment was amazing to me and there’s nothing I’d change about it. My personal opinion I think people are trying to have there cake and eat it too. People are also expecting this game to be EXACTLY like the first one. If your one of those people that are angry and hate the game cuz it’s not like the first one your asking for something that’s impossible.

  18. Kylie B says

    well, if she’s infected with the wrong type of virus that stops her from being infected with the type of cordyceps that turns you into a zombie, isn’t she still immune? you kinda just explained why she’s immune instead of why she isn’t.

  19. Lucky Fluf says

    Matpat covers Last Of Us again? YES!

  20. stink butt says

    dude she's Immune

  21. Tegan Dumpleton says

    looks at the comments I don't see why people are saying that Elle is STILL immune. You can only be immune to a virus by being… well, immune to THAT specific virus. Not a different strain of it

    That's like saying I'm immune to the Common Cold because I already have the Flu. She's still sick. But instead of turning into giant mushroom people, Elle's body is just shutting down. And there is still a small possibility of her getting infected with the mushroom people virus

    Wait…this might be how Elle BECOMES immune. Our bodies build up immunities naturally by dealing with the same problem over and over again in small amounts. So, say if Elle's body can fight off this current strain, and flush it from her system. Then she gets infected by the mushroom people strain. I'm going to take a leap and guess that 1 of 2 things are going to happen. a) She dies. Just straight up dies before she can finish mutating. This would be if her immune system had become compromised and weak from dealing with this other virus. Or b) Elle's body uses what it learned fighting the first strain, and uses it to fight off this other strain. She becomes officially immune.

  22. Cristian Sanchez says

    Looks like what he did wasn't so immoral

  23. elly says

    Ellie: gets a second bite mark by infected

    elLie is nOT iMmuNe

  24. Adrian Acuna-Smolinski says

    She got a bit by a zombie that got turned by the bad cordyceps. So how could she get the good cordyceps if the zombie has the bad cordyceps??? EXPLAIN MATT!!

  25. Brayan Herrera says

    Well done.

  26. Tyler James Schultz says

    Here is another video on the $60 movie ticket

  27. Jake Ells says

    Matt: "Ellie's not immune, she's immune!"

  28. SubQuinnIG says

    The more salient title is: She’s immune, but not for the reason you think.

  29. DMenor Z says

    What hurts us most is that Ellie would be reconciled to Joel, would call him to see a movie and make up. And then Joel dies the next day like that without even saying goodbye to Ellie, and a lot of people complained about Joel's death, but his death makes perfect sense.
    In a world like The Last anybody can die like that suddenly he obviously wouldn't die as a hero, he always said that he was just a survivor. And that's it in this game, there are no heroes or villains, just flawed people wanting to survive. This game is great at first it makes you hate Abby for killing Joel, but then it makes you understand her reasons why you put yourself in her place, the game makes us see that Abby is kind protective and has fears is human. I think if God comes down to a second chance at everyone I think everything should happen the same, everything that happened was necessary for the development of each character. I think Joel was right to save Ellie, just as Abby was also right (it hurts to admit it, but it's true) I also think Ellie was "right" to seek revenge after all, it was necessary for her development as a person.
    And that's it The last 2 is about love and acceptance, Ellie accepting that Joel left ends the game and this is fantastic. For me, the best game I've ever played and watched in my life and I have no doubt that this will be the game of the year and most likely the best game of the decade (who knows history) just like its predecessor. Imagine when this work of art becomes a series on HBO, I really wanted a third game but I think the story is already very well tied with these two games but maybe a The last 3 in about 5 years, maybe a game with Abby and Ellie or maybe a game with Joel again.

    But this is what I felt about The last of us 2 that wonderful game for me better the best excellent.

  30. Felix Andersen says

    This was so stupid xd

  31. Bongo Cat101 says

    but then.. how would the runner that bit ellie had been infected with the good kind if the good kind can't make you turn into a zombie-

  32. Iustin Constantinescu says

    For dumb pepole aka normal non omega 24/7 game theory watchers he said :

    she is not immune.
    Beacuse she already is infected whith a virus wich doesent trun u into zombie but it thanos snaps ur imune aystem and when u get infected by any other vorus if u got the virus she has u will die by a cold instead of being killed by a zombie virus bc what ellie has juat goes like "HA FOOL I ALREADY TOOK THIS SPOT AND YOU LOST YOUR SPOT " aka what she has is like the jerk wich steals ur parking apot and dinner table bc u were late and ur the zombie virus . And this was mat path theory for dummy

  33. EST3 says

    Soooo she's immune.

  34. Santino says

    So she is inmune

  35. كورة بلس kora plus says

    What a medical lesson ????
    Good job ? ??????

  36. Atum Ra Amenhotep says

    Fantastic video!

  37. Jonathan Kabasele says

    Its a game, expect game logic, Ellie is immune according to the game logic, cant argue against that

  38. RonRonVelron says

    How did the zombie that bit her became a zombie?

  39. mana says

    Then the zombie who attaqued her in the first place has also the right phugus? Or she already have the right phugus before the first zombie attaqued her ?

  40. GDBEAST 666 says


  41. Acerthorn says

    Immunosuppression … so basically aids?

  42. Tesla Dajira says

    Dude, you just said that she IS immune. Pendejo

  43. Armlovesk 900 says

    So the cure is Basically the wrong Cortecep

  44. RevrseWig567 says

    Oh yeah?? She isn't immune?? I watched this vid twice… I also watched the last of us 2… She got bit AGAIN.. you telling me the same cordycepes got her again??? I don't think so… You should have watched the last 30 mins

  45. Flash Chrome says

    That actually makes sense.

  46. Kristen Salia says

    Nice theory but in the last of us part 1 the fireflies said that her fungus was mutated

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