Gamplay Postponed Slightly- KLAB member Diagnosed with Covid #MaskOn | Bleach Brave Souls


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  1. Vinryl99 says

    use your masks people, lets get this together when we get the cure to COVID-19 and we can beat this virus together! ?

  2. AjTheGAmer Here says

    There’s literally no character that is overpowered in pvp and PVE ….. Whaaaaaaaa he forgets about the pvp and PVE God tokindana

  3. Krxlcifer says

    stay safe y'all, 2nd wave gonna be crazy with the Karens around.

  4. Seiyuōkami Himura says

    Ps frickin a! If you people arent getting the memo! Please wear a freakin mask! It helps protect yourself and others. If you dont, you can and likely will get sick, and we all know you wont properly quarantine until better, so please just do the world a favor and wear your mask!

  5. Seiyuōkami Himura says

    Honestly i laughed. Idiots werent even using masks on the livestream. I knew it would happen. Called it. Want to be stupid? Well stupid things happen. Wear your stupid mask or get sick ya fools!

  6. Eduardo GabrielRC says

    Caution with New chars, they prob got corona

  7. RareUlt says

    Many prayers goes out to the people at klab masks ain’t hard to wear

  8. UwU Exro Here says

    Mask on goes hard ?

    Covid still active, be safe everyone. It will be gone tho. I'm almost at stage 3 ?

  9. AJ E says

    I hope they get better, but jugram is really interesting to me. His brave battle counter skill is very cool because assuming he reverses 20% of the damage he takes and he is fighting a 5/5 jugram wouldn’t it be better to keep him 1/5?

    5/5 of jugram could be an iffy choice cuz it could work against u lmao ?

  10. Joel Pandess says

    Praying for him and his family and all of Klab's safety

  11. Moon of Heaven says

    I hate klab but feeling Bad for them

  12. Ok 123 says

    Hope they get better!!!! ??

  13. Crow_Nest7594 says

    Who knows maybe will get compensation, but much love to klab an let's hope they get better so we can all get back to our normal lives

  14. SeNNin says

    I work from home. I don't leave the house

  15. Number 5 - Colostomy Bag says

    They wasted all their orbs on ani rnd 1 with no ichi or byak and came down with noorbitis

    But seriously, stay safe and careful, mask up in close quarters in public if u can.

  16. Nik. G says

    This whole corona BS, why haven't we let mayuri loose; he can just find a cure easy.

  17. Khool says

    Mask on indeed!!

  18. Archon says

    I’m semi happy that Jugram is “god tier” at something… just a shame it wasn’t pve based

  19. japanvxbe says

    random question but does extreme coop comes back every month?

  20. aswelike zz says

    Hope everything is fine over there

  21. Water Head9000 says

    When a Klab Member Gets Weakened????…

    But Nah I Hope Their Ok Tho??

  22. Ken Kreutz says

    Thats Why Kakashi is still alive , Please use your face Mask. Wish you all the Best♡♡♡, You too KLab♡.

  23. SG 本土天王 - ROCO KING says

    Invicibility piercing and counterattack immunity character is coming. 3 months lol ??

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