GEOMETRIC SHAPES FOOD CHALLENGE | Eating Funky & Gross Impossible Foods by Ideas 4 Fun Challenge


Are you ready to become a culinary mathematician? Is that even a thing? Starting with today’s challenge it is, where eating geometric foods isn’t always easy as pi!

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  1. Diana catalina Clutterburk says

    Love Dorito ❤❤❤

  2. Bleart Krasniqi says


  3. Vladu Doru says


  4. hader abd says


  5. Anup Sen says


  6. Olivia Maryam says

    wow wow ? ?

  7. Jatinder Khokhar says


  8. Bimisa Chapagain says


  9. JAIKUMAR Innoservice says

    over acting ?

  10. Athena Mojado says


  11. Нивелина Ненова says

    I love Oreo ???

  12. No One says


  13. Thushy Nirojan says


  14. Thushy Nirojan says


  15. Abraham Mpereh says

    hahahahaha butter

  16. Kemale Aqazade says

    I love❤️❤️

  17. jess Romina says

    Very extreme challenge ???

  18. SMRUTI MISHRA says


  19. Wendall Samuels says

    I hate you ???

  20. Sai pinky says

    I love it ????❤❤

  21. Parwaiz Alam says


  22. Sunilabiju Baiju says

    Kllam ?????

  23. Seli Selpianti says

    Mau dong Berger nya

  24. Mousumi Das says

    I like the triangle girl

  25. MAI ZOUA Xiong says


  26. Edith Mungai says

    and pizza ? love

  27. Edith Mungai says

    Oreo is my favorite snack

  28. Mor Thao says


  29. Elenyah 4568445 says


  30. Reneate Valborg Faal says

    Today's mai birthday

  31. Rolandi Lomtadze says


  32. Rolandi Lomtadze says


  33. Rolandi Lomtadze says


  34. Ma Cynthia Cabael says

    ?? I'm. So sorry for the late

  35. Preethy Pk says


  36. Ailyn Delcarmen says

    Bobo yung lalaki haha

  37. Hamza Atieha says

    This is a crazy challenge

  38. atta Prem says

    I like this video

  39. Tove Westlund says

    So funn

  40. Hai Lê says


  41. Ildiko Gal says


  42. Manjula P says

    Omg ? like this challenge it's so nice ??♥️

  43. Kamila Lugowski says

    I love Oreo's too

  44. Margarita Coneva says


  45. Warda Hakeem says


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