Golden Shoes Official Trailer (2014) – John Rhys-Davies, Soccer Movie HD


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Golden Shoes Official Trailer (2014) – John Rhys-Davies, Soccer Movie HD

With his father MIA at war and his mother critical in hospital, a young boy consoles himself with dreams of playing in the youth soccer league. To do so, he must overcome the adult deception, the bullying and his solitude.

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  1. Mehdaoui Souhaïb says

    They play regional, win some games and come against a first division team in the usa ?

  2. Mehdaoui Souhaïb says

    Ronaldo scored twice in that game while in real life he scored just one goal against norrh korea in the world cup ?

  3. Tanush Kakar says


  4. Tanush Kakar says

    Good movie

  5. Tanush Kakar says

    Good movie

  6. Koby plays football says


  7. Carboncrossroads says

    Look how fake the audience is. ??

  8. obtybaghera says

    Jimmy Grumble is better

  9. Pereira Brasil says

    parece maneiro, mas meio exagerado

  10. ClockTower StudiosTM says

    "release the spiders and dragon flies" some green screen bugs come out of some weird containers

  11. Ryan says

    Wait y would he be like “ya Ima wear thee trashed lotto cleats instead of my Nike mercurials”

  12. Envy _ says

    Best cgi i’ve ever seen

  13. Roblox With Mario and Luigi says

    I was watching this movie and they really called Tim Howard Ted Howard

  14. Bigmac151 says

    Ripoff jimmy grimble

  15. Sebastian Saint-Victor says

    fake movie

  16. Romário Bittercout says


  17. Ross Robertson says

    George John Christopher Buckby is a slag head

  18. Niko Butler says

    why is this kid so famous, he just plays well against a bunch of seven year olds in sunday league.

  19. Serb Animation says

    When Americans make a movie about football you just know it is stupid

  20. Swerve DAT says

    2:16 that don’t look right

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