Google for Games 2020 Developer Summit recap – Android Game Dev Show


Welcome to the Android Game Dev Show, or the Game Show for short. In this video, Dan Galpin gives a quick recap of the tools, features, and products announced at the 2020 Google for Games Developer Summit. Stay tuned to learn more about the Android Game Development Extension, the Game Package Registry for Unity, Play Asset delivery, and much more!

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  1. Feti Mohammed Abdurmn says

    You are amazing for the world

  2. Feti Mohammed Abdurmn says


  3. Patrick Wambugu says

    android studio should be debugged itself!!!!!!!

  4. sbbgnew says

    The performance tuner and symbolized crash log are really helpful. Can't wait to upgrade it. Let's hope it can be upgraded smoothly

  5. DheeranFX says

    Oh nice can I upload my game apk?

  6. ALFITRI LENI says

    how ?

  7. GitSpot says

    Amazing video. Very good news for Game Developers.

  8. mehul bisht says

    i'm quite new to android don't know how to make such cool things but i will try to make one as soon as i can

  9. DjTGv says

    Wow this sound amazing to me dev hears !!! Bravo Google developers

  10. Somendra Saini says

    Game Package Register Looks Promising..

  11. KRCX GAMING says

    Nice video i like it?

  12. But when you click on all the links is always a 403 error?

  13. Utsavsinh Zala says

    So many good things ?

  14. MrArsha X says


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