Gordon Ramsay Cooks Indian Street Food For Locals | Gordon's Great Escape


As Gordon’s trip across India comes to an end, he tests what he’s learned so far by cooking for locals.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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  1. Aarav Regmi says

    This is what I was Wishing to See Omg Hail lord gordan Ramsay ? Gordan is shouting in street ??????

  2. aqua lu says

    this was so cool of Ramsay to do

  3. PoloBear says

    10% food, 90% sweat.

  4. aarrya saraf says

    Gordon Ramsay selling a dish for 50 dollars abroad and gathering 20 dollars for an entire days work here

  5. Violina says

    This was amazing!!!!!! How inspiring!!!:)

  6. Paromita Daudkhane says

    Hello paromita again, there are many many dishes are not served in restaurants, as I serve meal to students and professors, I have mastered many many simple home dishes, my dream is to take these dishes globally

  7. Archis Marathe says

    Location: INDIA

    Gordon: no need to thank me

  8. শঙ্কু_ পাগলা says

    'অসমীয়া খাবার!'
    How joyful that man looked while declaring it!!

  9. Pat Pat says

    Their street food might kinda look disgusting, but we can't deny it they're almost fluent at speaking english where some country don't

  10. icykickflip says

    I wanna we his security teams in these machete ridden streets

  11. icykickflip says

    I always hated Gordon Ramsay before I watched Gordon Ramsay

  12. seira Hefn says

    Post colonial entertainment ?

  13. MEME GAMERZ says

    Me:looking this
    My brain:taste it
    My stomach:just eat water…

  14. Paromita Daudkhane says

    Hello paromita from India being from middle class family cooking for family is compulsory for Indian ladies, watching your videos I develop passion for cooking, don’t know when, differently I will meet Gordon Ramsay Sir one day

  15. Pratik B says

    India has more English speakers than USA and Canada's English speaking population combined

  16. dearfather his says

    looks like a pot of shit sry thats it what looks like

  17. cinta dan pengorban tv says

    this is master

  18. Home Good Life says
  19. random random says

    @1:30 that's typically Indian ?

    Gordon : good to see u
    Zaggat : same to u sir
    Gordon : EXCELLENT

  20. DST Trxpify says

    Everyone gangsta till Gordon Ramsay pull ups in a food cart and starts robbing your costumers

  21. Tiyasha Sarkar says

    ???? oh my gosh…. Seriously when did he came…and I actually miss it??????

  22. SilverBack Gorilla says

    Strong speach at the end, touch of cream if it get’s too strong

  23. Bella B says

    He got so nervous when he had the critique taste his food….it was cute hehe

  24. Paromita Daudkhane says

    Hi this is paromita from India I watch all videos. I serve homely healthy meals to IIT BOMBAY students and professors, I have mastered Indian continental cuisines also authentic gluten free Indian deserts, I am huge fan of you, some day if I can meet u in person will serve you few cuisines , Will be happy if you response to me, goodbye

  25. Kiarash Heidari says

    Giving out food for free Indeed attracts people, what’s so amazing about his food?

  26. amistry605 says

    2:08 Is the police posted up behind him for security?

  27. Sumeet Kumar says

    He is a real chef becoz he is getting so much difficulties in india them also his only aim is food to provide a good taste

  28. Maria Persaud says

    Thats wer my grandmother Came from,so happy to see u there" love papas curry,u dident great ramsay….

  29. Sudhanshu Chavan says

    Food prepared by gordon ramsay. I would have all the way travelled to kolkata just for that.

  30. Pradyoth Nandak P. S. says

    No wonder this guy is a legend. Us Indians and cooks especially should learn some professionalism and humility from this guy.

  31. Prakash Rawat says

    he is truly a humble genius

  32. Dishy Animations says

    Gordon Ramsay : makes a video on india
    Indians in the comments : ready or not here I come

  33. Nirosha Jayanethti says


  34. Saiyankid _16 says

    I just find it satisfying when they eat rice with there hands

  35. SleepWalker says

    Indian food is the best food!

  36. Jordan RedTv says

    My idol

  37. James Cook says

    I can tell Gordon gives a bone crushing hand shake

  38. Sagnik Pal says

    Sir Ramsay I am a big fan of yours , please come to Kolkata once more after the lockdown . I want to meet you at least once in my life and I also love cooking . I am currently 12 years old

  39. CH I says

    Kolkata Police on standby after watching Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen on Youtube.

  40. Mr. K says

    I am from India, and I am chef, love you

  41. Lorenzo Idk says

    Their accent is so funny

  42. Jackie Chan says

    Gordon gotta drop that recipe.

  43. HyperVermin says

    Gordon’s always so calm and collected when he’s in different countries making or learning their food.

  44. Sam Hardingham says

    Great content

  45. Mrs Fazal says

    gordan ramsy needs to visit lahore

  46. Hamza Qurayshi says

    Dude these other street venders already get barely anyone visiting them now there's even more competition with Ramsay there

  47. hasin ashraf says

    look at the police behind him.

  48. Paul Chetia says

    Being an assamese and watching this makes me proud somehow 🙂

  49. Miguel Qc says

    Indian… The hardcore food

  50. Pranjit Pachani says

    Are any Assamese peple here

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