Gordon Ramsay's Guide To Cooking Street Food | Ultimate Cookery Course


From donuts to tacos, Gordon demonstrates how to cook some street food classics in the comfort of your own home.

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  1. Fizhure says


  2. Y’all hear sumn? says

    oliv ol

  3. Randall Shaw says

    Do you prefer a full cut sirloin, or one that has had the tri tip removed and been separated to make both smaller sirloin steaks and petites?. It seems like the smallest sirloin is prime for this recipe

  4. Micheal Harper says

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    this in particular was better than the rest ?

  5. Lauretta Knox says

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    It is fascinating on all devices! axx

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  6. ANDY BISS says

    why dont gordon do something that a general day to day familys would have in there kitchen!! not everybody has a kitchen like he has

  7. Taking Bank says

    Every video of Godon Ramsay I watch sounds like he is making love to his food lol

  8. MostHated says

    Lmao or u can just put ur tortilla on oil and warm it up that way

  9. Heidi D says

    Shit, I thought he was gonna have an orgasm filling those doughnuts!

  10. Mr. K says

    I didn't see any mexican flavors…

  11. Alain says

    Gordon makin malt chocolate doughnuts

    "I'm heating all of the milk"

    Me: All the milk in the whole world????

  12. David Carrillo says

    On the interview with hot ones he said he hated donuts

  13. Brant Campbell says

    Anyone else notice that Gordon is the only chef on the Internet that never takes a bite of his dish after he cooks it? lol

  14. james yamamoto says

    Interesting! He's using a miso marinade similar to what you'd use for a Saikyo Yaki. I hardly ever see Mr. Ramsay use Japanese cooking techniques.

  15. Victor Flores says

    my god, where does this disgusting habit of turning tortillas into shells come from?

  16. Sinfonia de salud y belleza says

    Gordon: Saludos desde Mexico. Qdtb. God bless you and your Precious Family.

  17. Timbo says

    "Fast food"

    "Marinade for two hours"

  18. Frida Karlsson says

    When Gordon licks his lips, I lick my lips! ???

  19. Dave Salvo says


  20. Ryan McAllister says

    Do you think it's actually him when they only show the hands??

  21. Roy M. Githaiga says

    A sausepn he said…

  22. Julius Koronci says

    well the tah co was burnt and the steak was row at places but I would give it a try 🙂

  23. teipkep says

    Vodka shot for each moan

  24. LPVit says

    "Nice and pink in the middle"???? IT'S RAAAAAW!!!

  25. Jesus Marquez says

    Thats not real taco that shit more like a gyro

  26. Catherine says

    Mayo on tacos? ?

  27. Win Truong says

    That banh mi needs some pate and butter

  28. Jose Delvalle says

    7:54 hear someone from the UK say worcestershire sauce: Check

  29. Frank Rodgers says

    People outside the US and Mexico don't know how to say the word 'taco'. It's ok we understand you.

  30. Frank Rodgers says

    Olive oil in street food? LMAO.

  31. Lil saver X says

    Chiili dog reminded me of sonic the hedgehog

  32. Entropic Echo says

    This man is hands down the greatest chef walking the planet today. I cannot stop watching his videos.

  33. Gerard Chong says

    the subscribe button on the screen makes GR

  34. Walnick71 says

    Mayo on tacos just throws my ass off…..

  35. Booming system up up Ty track ty track says

    Spice chicken wrap = shawerma

  36. black summer says

    Thumbnail: Gordon Ramsay full episode
    Me: Gordon full Ramsay episode

  37. Shaun Myer's says

    Gordon Ramsay makes exquisite and tasty meal out of anything he finds…

    Me: at 21… Mum how do I make scrambled eggs?

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