Greatest Game Ever Played – Zorb Soccer with Champion in 4K!


Check out Champion’s performance gear that keeps you in the game!

Watch the behind the scenes in the link below!

Download “Cali Get Down” by Radical Something
Watch “Cali Get Down” Music Video
WARNING: Both the song and video are the explicit versions.
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For everyone asking where you can buy the bubble balls we used in the video, check out this link:

Filmed using the RED Dragon in 6K resolution, Phantom Miro at 1080p, all scaled to 4K, with Glidecam HD 4000 and the DEFY for the stabilizing shots.

RC Aerial Video by CineChopper LLC
You can contact them in the links below! 🙂

Produced by Seth Jones
Edited by Parker Walbeck using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Sound design by my friend Dan Pugsley. This guy is amazing!

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  1. Yoctopory says

    Whoever directed and / or filmed this is a frickin‘ genius

  2. Gregor Tribelnig says

    The fat coach is so funny

  3. Konstantin Kozlov says

    Social distancing FTW

  4. Đại Dương Xanh says

    hi hi ha ha ha

  5. Crist pas says


  6. Mirella Marinucci says

    Corona safe game!

  7. Carpet Climber says

    What do you need a ref for?

  8. Felipex P says

    These places are so cool

  9. EmilioSuperEmilio 2.0 says

    He look like the fat fut of yackas

  10. Mirus Beruis says


  11. RainRider says

    well done

  12. Mona Kumari says

    I have played this game.?

  13. Tech India says

    so I am watching this video because referee is so funny and fat . like as football .I am from india

  14. Karine Simoes says

    Nota 10 gostei

  15. Winter_Storm says

    Looks so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kinsley Ryan says

    This was one of the first YouTube videos I watched

  17. ♡☆ł "Mariangel y Danna" ł☆♡ says


  18. Calcio & Calcio says


  19. Miss cass Gacha says


  20. bowl4two says

    hehe so relatable! i want to buy champion clothes now so i can be pretty and everyone will love me!

  21. Gabriel Lehmann says

    4k video but only availabel in 720p?

  22. De'Sean Chapman says

    these were the shite bakkt hen tbh

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