Greyhounds – Dog Racing – Track race


Hold your head high “Greyhound People” We’re proud to be part of this great sport!!

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  1. Subbing to everyone who subs to me:D says

    I WANT A DOG SOOO BADLY :(((((((((

  2. Maya Avelarde says


  3. Hayley Smart says

    This isn’t a “great sport” I have a retired racing greyhound and he doesn’t play doesn’t like walks doesn’t like to run he doesn’t like anything apart from sleeping your wrecking them this needs to stop.

  4. Toby Que says

    What is that they're chasing?

  5. GamingOnFleet says

    Imagine running from these dog
    Dog Talks:ill give u a 10 sec head start

  6. Donna Kingry says

    I own two retired racing greyhounds, and let me tell you, they LOVE to run. You can't force or abuse a dog into running like this. They do it because they are born to it. Their trainers are usually dog lovers, just like the rest of us. Once they are done racing, the vast majority go to greyhound rescues for adoption where they then get to live out the rest of their lives like any other dog. If you are concerned about their welfare, please consider adopting a retired racer. They are absolutely wonderful pets!!

  7. /Anisa Anwar says

    This is sad

  8. LIL SKEET T says

    Dog nascar ?

  9. Pratasmuggler 69 says

    fat niggas when they hear the lunch bell ring

  10. J Ray says

    Yo I thought this shit was speed up

  11. Azooz503 says

    الي جاي من مقطع ركان البطل لايك هههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ﮼ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ﮼ھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھھ ‹໌★?? ◡̈◔̯◔

  12. legend boys369 says

    How fast do these dogs run??

  13. H D says

    من مقطع راكان ???

  14. Taylor O says

    See this isn’t bad if they aren’t being abused. Greyhounds are made to run they normally love to run and it looks like there’s a toy that their running after

  15. Kriglum07 says

    These dogs are not being abused, they’re having fun and the running is helping them live a longer and healthier life. It would be abuse if these dogs where obese.

  16. Aileen Hernandez says

    My dogs this fast but Dosent have much room to run in my backyard only in circles

  17. ovokim says


  18. Jim Jones says

    He's a champ I bet he gets all the ladies

  19. Nich Adams says

    When the slow mo hits and you realize they're noodles with legs

  20. J B says

    Team CAP lol…

  21. Mauricio Vasconcelos says

    é o faiviii

  22. D. N. says

    When Samantha says, “Fetch me their souls”

  23. Dannylee Brunt says

    Much faster than my mums car

  24. Qusai WillEatTheWorld says

    Imagine if they had swidish house mafia in the background lol

  25. Noodle Plays!!! says


  26. Justinian I says

    Of course the winner was black

  27. Joe Chiodi says

    ? there so quick

  28. Prince Andrew says

    This makes me laugh

  29. LOUIS 207 says

    I haven’t watched but bet on number 5

  30. HEXAGON says

    After few races dogs will be euthanized.

  31. Bill Gates says

    Usain Bolt of dogs ?

  32. Preston Gehrig says

    Y'all vegans can shut up. The dogs are fine, they do training for a reason. Just like humans on a track field

  33. Peter ohne Nachname says

    The difference between letting a greyhound roam free and making them run as fast as they can, is alot different from eachother.
    Greyhound Races are cruel by the fact that, just like horse racing, these animal can easily harm themselfs following a fake rabbit and then just to get killed off later on, which is a thing in Ireland.

  34. HorsteicalAthena says

    speedy good bois.

  35. Sardonyx Her says

    Ooohhh Gosh that is a natural Horse Power from the first Greyhound. ???

  36. Peshawar Dog Center says

    Join my youtube chennel Watch good videos

  37. carlosb1 says

    Are there any videos of the races from the point of view of the hare? Some like what you have on this video's thumbnail?

  38. Gacha_Nightmare And friends says

    Wow I have a pit bul

  39. Eternal Ray says

    amazing speed wow

  40. Emran Hajizade says

    Usain bolt

  41. Elli Kramer says

    Never seen this before, cool!??

  42. Kay says

    These dogs are faster then Florida man himself!

  43. Sauce Kage says

    They fast af

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