GTA5 Online: "Soccer Ball Easter Egg!" Hidden Interactive Soccer Ball Location on GTAV!


GTA5 Online: Soccer Ball Easter Egg! Please “like” for more!
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(GTA5 Online: “Soccer Ball Easter Egg!” Hidden Interactive Soccer Ball Location on GTAV!)

On GTA5 Online, the only hidden interactive soccer ball can be found! First, head over to the location on your map shown in the video. Once there, go to the pipe on the right. Take out your pistol, and move it towards the next pipe. That next pipe should then lead the soccer/football to the beach, intended by Rockstar! The ball has realistic physics and can be kicked around on the beach as a secret hidden easter egg! Please be sure to like and subscribe for more Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter eggs, tips & tricks, secrets, and more!

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  1. Mr. Potato says

    Not being fucked up but I think he was not the first person to find the ball I was cause I found since when but he was the first one to upload the ball tho if you don't believe me that I found the ball first I don't really care but I did

  2. The Paranoid Blues Man says

    You can do this with the giant tennis balls on top of the little cafes you find here and there. There's one near the observatory and one by the turn off for Sandy Shores.

    Shoot the ball and it will roll off, giving you a giant football to kick around and wreck cars with.

  3. Michael Wexler says

    y is this kid playing gta v he is like 6

  4. Charlie Wood says

    Yeah it's FOOTBALL!! She's right!

  5. cobie 25 says

    is this a girl

  6. ooh ah Up the ra says

    FOOTBALL ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  7. Mohamed Defrawy says

    i have xbox ??

  8. Al Zal Gamer says

    I love you

  9. HoopesStyleCrosses says

    Hey Check out my YouTube channel!!

  10. Faceless-Gamer says

    What's your GT? LOOL

  11. ChiefGrammarPolice says

    Add me on PSN?
    I sent you a friend request!

  12. julius gutierrez says

    lol i got 10 friends and we played soccer in gta 5 and i don't know why,i think it glitches out but if we kicked it at somebody, they would die! so it was called "death ball!

  13. You look GOOD says

    Hey can you tell me what is the name of that car

  14. Badmanz1982 says

    Nice work

  15. Badmanz1982 says

    She plays on xbox

  16. jdollar1 says

    I'd like to help you out with these gta stuff because I know a lot about the game.  I already sent you a friend request on PSN My name is Kage_Of_The_Mist.  So hit me up whenever you want help!  But I also wanna know which system do you play more often on?  Xbox360 or PS3?

  17. Jared Stephens says

    you should.add me on xbox my gamertag is:DHG Stingylight

  18. Collin Codina says

    That boob close-up tho

  19. Rudy Scribner says

    It's so sad when bigger youtubers don't give credit to the original founders. I'm glad you did. 😀

  20. Destiny Wolf says

    They should put a actual football that you can throw around

  21. Destiny Wolf says

    They should put a actual football that you can throw around

  22. casey trace says

    Your so good at all types of vids 😮 add me please!!!! : gt: TK x FeaRz

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