Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Men's Fashion Show


A metal swinging pendulum traced patterns in the sandy runway of the Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Men’s show. Circling around it, 58 looks from the men’s collection debuted, including distressed cropped knits, wide denim pants and prints by Liberty London. T-shirt artworks from “Psychopts”, a book by Richard Hell and Christopher Wool.

Coil – Ostia (The Death of Pasolini);
Caterina Barbieri – Fantas / Pneuma / Virgo Rebellion;
Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This);
Claudio Simonetti – Phenomena (Version 2)

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  1. beavisbonce says

    So hungry looking

  2. Vinit gamer says

    Very funny ???

  3. sammyxcoffee says

    track id @2:20? shazam knows nothing 🙁

  4. Thashen Roopram says

    Is this a joke

  5. RC jr. says

    Well my dressing sense is far better than the designers….?

  6. Pocinacz ek says


  7. Kruk TV says

    The only cool thing about this show was the music 🙂

  8. Hamid Fh says

    Men's fashion show ??? Oh men..

  9. Hamid Fh says

    Its not great !!


    Gucci…you probably don't understand what the word "men" means ?. What are you showing are not men ?

  11. J Wilk says

    Caterina Barbieri = like

  12. Hypnotika says

    estubo bien chafa

  13. Roman Genaro Padilla says

    Gucci: C.H.A.Z. Collection 2020

  14. Mario Torrez Quant says

    Oh my ??

  15. Kenneth Matthew says

    Just hear there fathers home from Iraq or Afghanistan seeing this screaming, "I HAVE NO SON, I HAVE NO SON"

  16. m. mache says

    Youtube I'm living the models for you mother faker I'm not interested. ?

  17. luis vargas says

    Its …. abominable

  18. MATRIX-OO7 says


  19. D8k Zéphyr says


  20. D8k Zéphyr says

    Ce défilé était bien les collection me fut purement demeuré point de bonheur.

  21. ReN Majestic says

    Marilyn Manson art fashion Gucci concept Fall Winter 2020

  22. Big Z says

    Why are there women in a men’s fashion show? Can someone send me a video where there are men in a women’s fashion show? I’m egalitarian so if women are in men’s spaces I want to see men in women’s spaces.

  23. Renoxzor says

    How much will cost that tin cookie box cost? Does it come with cookies?

  24. Alex Murray says

    I’m not living for any of these looks tbh

  25. Deme Lee says

    Gucci if you guys are looking for a new model I’m here

  26. yipeng song says

    Homeless season

  27. You are tearing me apart,B.B. says

    So cool!! Bravo GUCCI!!

  28. Marek Marek says


  29. Mariana Cósmica says

    COIL <3

  30. Хельга Русскова says

    Мужская одежда- насмешище и издёвка над мужской сутью(

  31. Oleksandrovich Denis says


  32. Siodenesse L. says

    I don't understand this collection…this is more Moto Guo than Gucci for me

  33. Music Head says

    I'm just here for the music. And that big swingy ball thingy.

  34. April X Summer says

    Hi everyone ❤️❤️???

  35. Celine says

    This is awesome. 4 months later I searched this up again.

  36. And Go says

    Fantastic fashion for young cross dressers.

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