Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Women's Fashion Show


Watch the Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Women’s Fashion Show live from the Gucci Hub in Milan.

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  1. Rahul Das says

    Amazing , this is called fashion

  2. Jem Q. says

    Capitol of Panem but depressed

  3. Amine Bait says

    1 1 1762

  4. Cleide Lou says

    Emoção…muito obrigada…

  5. 奢侈复刻厂家 高仿 says


  6. Irene Migliaccio says

    My God… Alessandro Michele is such a freakin' genius, i love him

  7. Lara Stone says

    This is just so devine and inspiring in many levels!! It makes my imagination run wild, everything is beautiful!

  8. 조민지 says


  9. Elice Laluna says

    Gucci é vida, alta costura exala grandeza!

  10. IK-SEP-SHEN says


  11. ceciLOVEtaco says

    Looks cheaper each year .

  12. cassie1dueces says

    Really love the behind the scenes credit because it take a team of people to make everything reality not just few pretty faces ?

  13. lia tugay says


  14. 조민지 says

    민지 윈저 영국임.

  15. Play Men says

    Nice to see watch this, stay safe ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. 7 melek says

    gucci = tae

  17. 张大大 says

    Colors and contrasts are anciently and aggressively stunning

  18. Chris Hintz says

    Stage look of the dandy, the wastrel. Influences both belle epoque and highwayman, 18thc. Nice presentation.

  19. 31silver31 says

    Amazing collection! classic looks of the past, shot forward for the now. love all the details, the eye wants to soak it all up.

  20. Ish-Hael Leo says

    Very diverse ❤

  21. 조민지 says

    My juicy ? ? ? ? ? ?

  22. Susanna Shore says

    Amazing! This Fashion Show made my eyes water with joy, it was so beautiful to watch. Thank You.

  23. Sartai Arailym says


  24. BleuRoyale_ says

    this is awesome… omg

  25. hard basi says


  26. Bolívar Ginez says

    Impresionante,arte puro.

  27. Monica Tufeanu says

    Truly spectacular!!!! Astonishing Alessandro Michele !!! Brilliant mind! ?????

  28. robi14 says

    Alessandro Michele ❤️

  29. Florence MB says

    I don't know if would feel loved in such dresses… 🙁 Does he like people ?

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