Gunhoo playing soccer with dad [The Return of Superman/2020.02.02]


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  1. Enik 15 says

    i love you gunhoo

  2. Yunnie Kim says

    coming here after the news they will be coming back!!! I can't wait!!!

  3. vvs says

    Omg they are coming back HUHUHU ❤

  4. 킹싱토 says


  5. Gunhoo Yah says

    Finally theyre coming back to tros now i miss them so much cant wait to see baby elyseen too

  6. Thi Dinh says

    I don’t know why but when I see kids crying I cry with them

    Something makes me feel bad for them so I join them

  7. Thi Dinh says

    Once they come back
    Naeun would be over 6 years so I think it would be Gunhoo and Elyseen/Jinwoo

    I will miss Naeun but there will be new memories

  8. bTs- tAEtAE says

    I would never forget gunhoo THE CUTEST AND NAEUN TOO!

  9. xseax luvpanda says

    Its been 5 months and they are not back yet. I really miss them, when are they coming back?

  10. Crissy Choi says

    please be safe Park family until your return !! we'll be waiting for you !! ????

  11. Shanen Nicole Bonggo says

    I literally miss them so bad Idk if I’m the only one who always cry with this or their other episodes I really love babies and kids and when I start to know TROS and first saw their first episode I always watch and wait for it this always makes me happy and my stress reliever ?missing this babies so much time flies so fast

  12. Ananda Rizqy says

    been here, because I am missing Park Family

  13. Adis Mutiara says

    Miss you Gunhoo-yaaaa ???

  14. Riska Sekar Febriani says

    Miss you Eden and Aciel ???

  15. Yeon Kimin says

    Gunhoo and Naeun are cutest and no one can change my mind

  16. Kokoo Girl says

    I think, I never fall in love with baby like this before.. I wish when I marry I can have baby like them ?

  17. Kokoo Girl says

    I really miss them ? Aciel.. Eden.. And they new baby?

  18. Thi Dinh says

    My favourite was the Christmas episode with EXO Kai and Chanyeol

  19. Kusnul Farida says

    I miss them

  20. michelle miguel says

    when gunhoo gets mad he don't cry just's like other baby, he's wailing until his face turns read. What a matured baby.

  21. Xelleen Cole says

    Watching their episodes late and watching this makes me sadder :((

  22. Kristine Shane Rosal says

    No more latest videos? Because of covid?

  23. Carole M says

    Just curious, why does Gunhoo have long hair?

  24. Oluwalayomi Awotide says

    Wow I’m watching this on the baby’s first birthday. Happy Birthday!!

  25. kyaa says

    I Miss them:(

  26. Zahratunnisa 2 says

    Miss u_T

  27. evy nguyen says

    im missing them alrdyyyy

  28. AngelDei 1624 says

    Good thing I can go back here everytime I miss them and JooHoo now has his youtube channel .

  29. Hanim Hassan says

    He is so cute I want to bite his cheek! Oooohh!

  30. Tenshi -Chan says

    I think it is cute that when Na Eun had a new bed, Gunhoo inherit her house bed that was why he moved out of his little house borrowed from samchons to move in to his new and bigger house. This family is so cute with their imagination. Missing them!

  31. Ms Dony * says

    that was excellant. ❤️. thank you

  32. Ms Dony * says

    What a pair ! Lov watching Sister is such a girly girl , Gunhoo is always a surprise. What a cool house Bed!! i want one…

  33. Minami Kumanamana says

    Baru tau ternyata gunhoo cowok ya ?

  34. qq _ thg says

    Miss~~ plis comeback with The baby~ waiting~~

  35. Gacha Zya_ says

    Gunhoo growing so much???❤❤❤ I love You lil gunhoo❤❤❤

  36. Elsie Kaw says

    I hope you'll return soon. We missed you Eden and Aciel??

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