H2 Ninja vs Hayabusa – motorcycles drag racing


Kawasaki Ninja H2 takes on turbo 250 hp Suzuki Hayabusa. Two of the fastest motorbikes drag racing.Acceleration and top speed of Hayabusa and H2 Ninja Kawasaki

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  1. learning booth says

    Fuck off ?? stupid riders

  2. Bruno Gabriel says

    H2 tava empinando mais que o toreto

  3. Nazarabbas Khan says

    Some guys are thinking that the man with hayabusa was doing burnout ?? actually he was warming the tyres to made a good grip with ground

  4. Monel Funkawitz says

    Need a longer swing arm and get your ass up on the front more!

  5. Hcen Hcen says


  6. Ferhat Dalda says

    Hayabusa fuck

  7. Samurai Saint says

    Hayabusa is the king ?

  8. Lovely Swallow says

    Rider ninja r2 is not pro

  9. iteex says

    Foi fazer graça na primeira

  10. Max Aj. says

    The man on the H2 might be a learner. He can't control the power on the bike.

  11. Rohini Gapat says

    Ninja rider is not perfect

  12. Satyam Sharma says

    How dumb ninja h2 rider is.. he can't beat him even with a osm bike

  13. ALV NONAME says

    H2 Rider : Vay yu bully me

  14. agus ae says


  15. Rico Tjhai says

    Hayabusa no1

  16. vishal malvatkar says


  17. StBMW says


  18. 難波誠 says


  19. Zohaib Akmal says


  20. Robert Johansson says

    as usual …kids with kawa cant ride…they just have the money to buy…they cant drive !!

  21. Myanmar conflicts says


  22. VIRAL HOUSE says

    The Busa rider is boss man….but its not really a fair race due to Busa's extended swingarm. H2 rider can't help it … he's wheelieing in every gear

  23. Jim SomeOther says

    Not sure what the heck I just watched ~ Title should be "Newb on H2 vs Turbo 'Busa playing nice" ~ both of these bikes stock should consistently run in the 9s.

  24. Chaitanya Gursal says

    Busa is busa

  25. Anthony P says

    That Kawi pilot SUCKS. LOL

  26. Maria das gracas santos Santos says

    Eu amo muito a hayabusa e minha moto preferida,mais a hayabusa so venceu por que a ninja H2 empinou se não a minha haya não tinha chanses

  27. BINTANG FJN says


  28. ayumi wang yufeng says

    Kawasaki Riders! like this if you are satisfied this rematch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gZNfbcJjqCA&t=25s

  29. Chris McDaniel Productions says

    I thought the h2 had wheelie control from the factory? This dude not know how to work it?

  30. Güvenç Cengiz says
  31. Ton says

    O cara da Kawasaki é muito paia

  32. Maan Binod says

    Why h2r rider doing wheelie!??

  33. Alex Carreon says

    Put a much longer arm on H2 then race again

  34. Omen says

    Goblok rider h2 kerjaanya wili terus

  35. Bold Strike says

    Swingarm length makes all difference, far from being a fair fight. H2 even whellies at high speed what a beast, and it seems it also needs speed shift.

  36. Raposa 013 says

    Cara nao sabe controla a H2 mano que agonia cara H2 nao tem piloto kkkkk

  37. Mr Filler says

    На H2 школьник что ли?

  38. Manolo says

    Medio carton de guevos le metieron jajaja Hayabusa the beast !!!

  39. Palom Porom says

    Poor ninja guy. It's unfair he can't keep the damn thing on 2 wheels

  40. DCSPEED23 says

    Swap riders for different results

  41. Marcelo Serrano says

    <Es lo que esperaba ver después de todos modos

  42. mawan koplo ind official says

    Siip sepeda motornya

  43. Abhishek Gupta says

    Results h2 is more fast and hayabusa is more stronger.

  44. FAQ with K. R says

    H2 is king ?♥️ becoz he did stunt not race neither he would win

  45. Damien Jeremy Weir says

    The Busa has an extended swing arm. In a straight line, the Kwak can't F with it.

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