Have I Got News For You: extended theme tune


The splendid theme-music – in full!

Source: https://jamesmartinlive.com
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  1. clashpaper says

    Abrupt ending is abrupt.

  2. Ryan Simmons says

    Now on iTunes, without the abrupt ending – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/have-i-got-news-for-you/id322370271

  3. StarkosGuy says

    Love this theme!

  4. Jon B says

    What happened to the end of the song?

  5. AICabal says

    Have to admit, this tune is fucking epic.

  6. Zulu Romeo says

    Just heard that Big George died today.


  7. MylesOHarcourt says

    2 Minute music, 30 minute show. They don't have time.

  8. multitudinal says

    what is this called? where can i get it?

  9. William McLaughlin says

    @ultratweeny101 they did once as a new millenium special edition

  10. MylesOHarcourt says

    it would probably not fit in with the schedule.
    remember the show is only 30 mins.
    but it would be awesome if they did though.

  11. RusslaDJ says

    Absolute tune, using it for an intro to one of my Drum and Bass sets! Can't wait to see the reaction lol!

  12. Agla The Artist says

    Awesome!! I didn't know there was an extended version! 😀

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