Healthy Food Choices – My Dietary Nutrition Guidelines


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Healthy Food Choices – My Dietary Nutrition Guidelines

You asked. I’m delivering.

As always, please know I’m not a nutrition expert but I am a lifelong learner of health. My mum was my OG food and nutrition teacher and she’s always been ahead of the curve. It’s become an intense interest for me to reach a great level of health. It’s an honour to feed my body (my sexy temple some may say 😉 ) with the right fuel for it to function properly.

You may agree with some, not with others.

Food and nutrition is such a touchy subject and most people seem to have the correct answer about it. Ultimately, it’s just important to remember that health is individual and you have to figure out what works best for you.

But needless to say, the journey of nutrition and health is one of joy and self-love. One that I hope everyone has a chance to embark on in their lifetime.

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Sorelle Amore

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  1. steffi2922 says

    Wow… You literally just lost all the respect I had for you.
    Why make a joke on how credentials don't matter today and then make a video without on nutrition without having any credentials???
    This may sound harsh, but if that's the kind of content you now reach for (because you don't know what else to film??), then it's for the better that you will stop YouTube soon.
    You mention so often that people asked you for this, but just because a child ask their parents to have sweets for three meals a day, doesn't mean a parent should give in. Why make this video?? I really don't understand what made you do this! And then these shady sources?! Like, come on! I know you can do better!! I'm so disappointed right now. As an influencer you really should be aware of all the influence you have and how much your opinion impacts others. I'm just glad to see, that there are so many others in the comment section, that also see how problematic this video is…

  2. Malurius says

    Guys, she said in this video that she isn't an expert, and that this is how she does it, scut her some slack. Also with the grains being unhealthy is still debateable.

  3. Victoria R says

    Please delete this video.

  4. Alvie36 says

    Great, conscious and considered video – thank you!

  5. Just Shmoey says

    Hi Sorelle ? How do you feel about mushrooms? ?

  6. Christian Moreno says

    Si many triggered people here hahaha, relax everybody. Just keep doing your thing. I’m
    Just curious about the grains stuff. So no rice and no oatmeal.

  7. Lisa Masson says

    Came for the photography and sustainability content. Unsubscribing now because this video is very dangerous. If you cared about your audience and wanted to create content on nutrition, you should have done the work- contacted experts in the field to interview, researched reputable sources backed by scientific evidence. This information catalyzes orthorexia and young, impressionable viewers are watching. Do better.

  8. Big Dreamer, Small World says

    I love your videos. What camera do you use to make these?

  9. Goranneli Episodes says
  10. Allium Porrum says

    "so i'm not an expert ummm this is my opinion" … "anyways XYZ IS POISONOUS FOR YOU" wtf

  11. Allium Porrum says

    "hey watch me being super uneducated but still somehow act like i'm a dietitian" goddamn go home sorelle

  12. Merel Rol says

    Uhmmm… why is there so much negativity ???! (Don't wanna say hate, because at the end of the day, we all wanna help each other). Personally I stay open for everything, and I find it really interesting to learn about your food choices. That's what it's for right? To stay open minded and learn about YOUR food choices, and maybe try something for yourself if you want to, and let it go if you don't agree, and go on with your own research. But I don't think it's okay to just say that Sorelle is 'wrong'. I'm sure she did her research damn well, but then still, I believe there is no ONE answer to our health… besides I almost agree with everything in this video, I am still aware that there can be a study tomorrow where turns out broccoli is bad for you (just something random, lol). We are all doing the best we can, but be aware we can all be 'wrong' tomorrow. Always stay open, stay open minded for new opinions, and choices. But don't say someone is wrong. Because there is a big change you are wrong… basically someone has to be wrong, right? It's 50/50… So never claim that something is wrong or good. Let it be an opinion. Stay open minded. Just wanted to put this out there, maybe it opens someones mind 🙂 Wish you all the besttt <3

  13. ::::::::: says

    Why do u talk like every type of carb is sugar?

  14. Naela Farage says

    I really cherish Sorelle's content and views on life, and I don't agree with this whole video, but the themes she covers are good! (My own feedback comment will be at the end of this post because this next thing is way more important)

    <3 <3 <3 Using information in this video, you can IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH!

    – try to cut/ reduce refined sugar (almost anything that comes packaged)
    .. it definitely takes longer than 30 days to cut out sugar if you're used to consuming a lot of it
    – increase your greens! Especially dark leafy greens or just more variety if you can
    – consume nuts and seeds! All nuts and seeds are good
    – don't cut carbs completely. I have depression so my brain and body are sensitive and this goes bad every time. but… do try to switch to gluten free options, or like brown/wild rice when you can.. quinoa flour, oat flour etc
    – yes, try to reduce/eliminate dairy (oat milk is really good tho)
    – buy organic (if it's accessible to you) for SPECIFIC items, or just one item [google dirty dozen foods]
    – consume lots of water. Especially when you first wake up
    – incorporate mushrooms like lion's mane, cordyceps, gingko, reishi, ashwagandha (I use supplements or coffee from foursigmatic) but look up drug interactions if you're taking any prescription medications
    – also one tip from me… TAKE YOUR VITAMINS PEOPLE!! You'll start to feel better after about a month. I can't describe the feeling other than that you'll feel better. I promise.
    Dealing with depression practically my whole life, I'm constantly researching what I should be doing to cure myself. A lot of the rigorous research my partner and I have done in the past year (my depressy self was really struggling) has pointed us to the things I listed above that Sorelle also discusses! 🙂 My doctor who is also into alternative medicine and ayurveda also gave me lots of dietary advice.

    I would say though that you should clarify that this is what works for YOU, but might not work for everyone.. Stating "carbs are bad" makes it seem like a fact, when it isn't. Especially when your only source is "" lol. It's not 2009 anymore, one website that looks like it was built using html doesn't cut it as a reference for all these "facts" you're confidently stating. I really cherish your content Sorelle, but I hope you can try to reflect on the feedback that everyone is giving you… So thanks Sorelle!! Just maybe rethink the way you present information a little. Your wisdom is there but maybe your execution can be worked on a bit <3

  15. aliimay says

    Thank you for inspiring me to stop eating junk food ? I’ll be looking for organic options?

  16. Nos vemos y me cuentas says

    Sugar is necessary for the human body. Please know that we need sugar! The good ones! the ones on FRUITS and vegetables! Not all sugars are the same and that should be something obvious… but it's not in this video. Thanks anyway for sharing your guidelines about your food.

  17. Dani Barton says

    Geez a lot of foods rules there. How very lucky and fortunate to be so privileged to be able to live by all these restrictive food rules. Very disappointing content full of antidotes.

  18. fu4realtalk says

    You need to learn how to research critically and not to just rely on pseudoscience and under research fearmongering. Also, please get a therapist to help with your orthorexia. This is kinda sad… 🙁

  19. Chasing Clouds says

    Video by unnatural vegan – This Is Why Youtubers Should Stay Away From Nutrition

  20. Buse Şümşet says


  21. Lydia Tavoletti says

    USDA Organic foods still use pesticides… it’s just a shorter list compared to conventional fruits and vegetables

  22. wearyberry says

    Super disappointing about this video. You indeed have no credentials, you cite horrible sources or just nothing at all in the video. Youre just scaring people for very bad reasons or none. Unsubscribing

  23. Tim Lawn says

    So glad to see the sheer volume of comments describing the ways in which this video was riddled with dangerous misinformation. @Sorelle Amore I would honestly love to see any indication in any form that you might have considered updating your views or beliefs regarding food in any way… Your silence feels painfully like a lack of respect for honest dialogue and self improvement; two things I have always admired your for promoting.

  24. LINA says

    I respect it if Sorelle wants to eat the way she does but posting something like this, while knowing that so many young people are seeing this is not okay. Yes eating a lot of plants and diversity is important. But labeling food this much and being that strict is not healthy anymore … this can become really obsessive at some point and can lead to disordered eating. Young people see her as a role model and will try to copy everything she said.That can be so triggering. Also a lot of the information given in the video are just not right and there’s no science backup… Carbs( the complex ones) are actually really good for you! Fruits( no matter what kind) are one of the best things you can eat. Fish is full of antibiotics etc. not to mention the micro plastic found in it… so no it’s not that healthy. And many more things you talked about that are just not okay. Joking about eating disorders and thing like binging is also not okay. Saying things like “ Cashews are not good for you” and “eliminating carbs”?! Why does she think it’s okay to post stuff like this with nearly 1mio followers? And yes she says that she is not a nutritionist and it’s her diet but people will still take her advice. She has got a massive audience…she states her opinion as facts. Everything about this video is not okay

  25. Oksana Kolomenko says

    That one I liked the most:
    "I'm not a dietitian, so I can't suggest you what to eat, but since nowadays every youtuber without having an idea about nutrition does it, I'm gonna do the same."
    That's like the best excuse to irresponsibly give to the people dangerous advices, that can damage their health.
    Bravo ????

  26. Laura Al Jundi says
    i thought you were doing content based on evidence, trustworthy sources, what the hell is this video.
    i like your work in general but not this video.
    Also, Why Cashew is bad for us?

  27. Kristina Parsons says

    Big yikes

  28. Emily Fletcher says

    Just to address a couple of things (not a dietician but an ED recoveree who enjoys science!)
    True that both food and exercise are important, you're not going to lose or gain weight just doing one of those things. Addiction to sugar is definetly an issue but goodness gracious, cutting out sugar including carbs and fruits? Water and food that isn't 'organic' is not poisoned, please stop saying poisoned. Now you're cutting out grains? Olive oil isn't poisonous. Food mixing isn't a real thing. I agree with eating a variety of things, both so you're getting the macros you need and also because eating the same thing over and over is not for you great mentally. So maybe to do that don't cut out carbs, sugars, grains, fruits?! (yay for healthy fats, another good point.) It really is expensive to do this. I have questions about ALL of this.

    Also don't direct people to Pete Evans' podcast (in your comment responses), he is crazy.

  29. Adrianna J says

    yikes okay after coming back to this video, ill post one of my replies that I think addresses my concerns (in response to a comment about sorelle just having "good genetics" this is such a false statement–i understand it's easy to blame on genetics, but this is just not true. sorelle travels with weights. she works out every day and in an earlier video she said "it's true I work very hard on my body" she used to be a swimmer and is most likely extremly active, and maybe now doesn't "work out" in the traditional sense, but probably does a lot of yoga, dancing/moving and grooving and she trains krav maga. genetics only determines HOW MUCH muscle one can put on, but her activity level and restrictive eating is through the roof. she, unfortunately, has an eating disorder disguised as healthy eating. The restriction of certain food groups and deeming certain foods as good and bad falls under orthorexia. it's sad! but people will continue to see this as healthy (and some of it is)and take it as example and even more dangerously, as bible. the fact she hasn't addressed the concern in the comments confirms it for me

  30. Aimer PB says

    What metrics does everyone use to determine they are healthy? (such as blood work, mood level, etc.) How do you keep track of your health?

  31. Audrey Sara says

    “not an expert” yet saying all this with soooo much authority…

  32. Molly McCausland says

    I’m a massive fan of yours but as a dietetic student, this video just isn’t it.

    you’re literally disregarding actual evidence. sure, you look great, but these guidelines are not the stance of ANY dietetic association for prevention of chronic disease. maybe it’s what works for you, but it’s not evidence based and is not for everyone. people are trying to politely educate you in the comments (as you are a “lifelong learner”) but you’re completely disregarding them and “citing” non-credible sources. where is the evidence based nutrition here? where are the meta-analyses?

    also on carbohydrates: YOUR BRAIN literally RUNS on carbohydrates, and it will convert proteins into carbohydrates in your body if you don’t intake enough. your body will create ketones from fat and run on those if carbohydrate intake is low, but this isn’t ideal for the general population. and also vegetables are carbohydrates, which using your own words, are also “sugars”.

  33. Laura Dambe says

    Unnatural Vegan has a great video on the science or no science behind the facts in this video also you can find a lot of useful information on how a diet should be on her channel, because she always lists sources where she gets that information and it is legit websites. Plus Sorelle If you care about the pesticides, plastic and poision in foods you also probably would care about the mercury and plastic in fish, but why do you eat it still? And fishies are cuteee

  34. Naidei LifeStyle says

    I liked this video. I may not agree or agree with everything. But liked to get to know your views. It is always fun and helpful to have conversations. Nutrition does not have to be scary. Avoiding to talk about it does more harm than good. So, I thank you for your video and conversation. I for example grew up seeing pigs being slaughtered at my grandmother's little farm and it never bother me. As an adult I still eat meat even though I reduced my intake by a lot. I respect your decision to cut it out of your diet after that incident. You are allowed to have your feelings and your views. We are all different and as long as we are not hurting anyone, it is fun to discuss with one another and explain different points of view. Lots of love, from Portugal.

  35. Ray Gin says

    So much confidence yet so little knowledge

  36. Jordan Marley says

    awesome sorelle!! honestly have loved your content for years and appreciate the way it has evolved. Definitely going to incorporate some of these things into my routine!! Couldn't agree more about trying to minimize the amount of poison going into our bodies.

  37. SooJin Cho says

    So you have no credentials but you feel inclined to claim we aren't developed to consume grains yet among other wild claims you've educated yourself on through Google research? As well as use fear mongering headline titles. Eat less fruit? Fruit is so good for you and there is a difference between sugar and fruits and sugars in candy bars. There are many unsupported claims in this video not to mention this is triggering for many EDNOS people. You're blantantly using dramatic words to make your wild claims and unnecessarily scaring people. Your advice is borderline dangerous.

  38. caterina chiappa says

    Olive oil is poison…. Ok :)))))

  39. emmy 0323 says

    It seems like more and more people just adopt whatever rule they think sounds good. Limiting fruit? How much do you think the average Westerner eats that it needs to be limited? Grains aren't bad for us and I never understand this poison talk. People live longer than ever so on the whole, it seems like we're not living unhealthier lives than…. well, when? Industrialization? No. Middle Ages? They didn't even have safe drinking water in many places. I'm just wondering what we are comparing these poisonous times to.

  40. Marie says

    Oof, no olive oil? Contrary to the claim, olive oil is one of the most stable oils. If it were so bad for you, why is like my whole family of 90+ year-olds thriving when they cook exclusively with olive oil? Italians know what's up! Lady, you're missing out. Olive oil is not bad for you.
    But that's just one of many, many counterpoints to this vid.

  41. MK Yoder says

    how does she not have millions of followers

  42. febe castillo says

    Nutrition is a science not an opinion. Lots of false claims and orthorexic tendencies.

  43. Cafeteria Style says

    woman gives detailed description of orthorexia style rules, While using fear Mongering to legitimize restrictions.Bonus points for not citing any science to back up claims.. podcasts and sites don’t count lol

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