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» raspberry chocolate pudding:
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» deconstructed sushi bowl:

» 100% Pure vegan eyeshadow:
» 100% Pure vegan mascara:
» 100% Pure vegan lipstick:
» Vegan castile soap:
» Microfiber cleaning cloths:

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  1. shar k says

    Netherland have so much of nature! What a blessing… I wish one day I will leave this concrete jungle and will move to some where close to nature!

  2. LaMarsa27 says

    What is the colour of your lipstick please?

  3. Fariana Priya says

    I have done Pinterest vision board. It's really very helpful.❤️
    Thanks Sadia ❤️

  4. Elaine Jose Bobadilla says

    Hi! Super love your inspiring videos! I've just started being vegan for a month now and praticing a more healthy and eco friendly lifestyle. Would it be all right if you share with us what type of eco friendly laundry soap you guys use? Still looking for more options. Thank you ???

  5. Pearl Lifestyles says

    I would like to know ur teeth cleaning routine

  6. saran kamperman says

    Why do you follow dutch classes? Not the most common subject!

  7. Sun flower says

    Can I know your hight?

  8. Rasu verma says

    Ur big fan from india

  9. Shweta Singh says

    Don’t you get diarrhea after eating so much fibrous foods?

  10. Hanan Almansor says

    Did anyone just crave a PB&J right now?

  11. miguelangel909 says

    While I like a lot the content you produce ; Have a great delivery for the audience you are targeting; I must say your videos are starting to contain advertising that pollutes your messages. I do understand that you need revenue but sponsorship might start undermining your credibility. I have found myself turning off the video when you start praising your sponsors.

  12. Shruti Rokhade says

    Wow, I'm new here and your videos are awesome. Just that you should know that microfiber cloths are very nice for cleaning but are made up of about 70% polyster/plastic and that isn't the best thing for the environment. You might know this by now, as it's been 2 years since you posted this.

  13. Zoe Breet says

    I love this channel!!! Carry on what you're doing!! It is giving me a lot if tips!!!

  14. akshaykumar kadam says

    Cuteness overload

  15. yungelise says

    of course I am watching this at 2am

  16. Belinda Huth says

    Who else think to themselves “I’m gonna start eating healthy” and by the end of the day you start chomping on a chocolate bar. ?

  17. Ashley Montana says

    This is off topic, but had to say it. You are so pretty!

  18. Илья Гойда says
  19. Vahida Rehman says

    You are amazing ??

  20. aayusha pokhrel says

    U r the best nutritionists and dietician I ever sees in YouTube. Thank u for your creativity and efforts ??

  21. mei G says

    Thank you so much for everything on this channel. I’ve always had trouble with finding a way to organize my day and develop better habits, but I always end up beating myself up for “not doing better when I could’ve done better.” Your videos help LOTS. I found your channel just last week, and this week I’m already feeling so much better about…. everything? It’s like magic. You’re a role model and inspiration for so many aspects of my life. Lots of love from a currently-social-distancing student ❤️

  22. Sylvester Narismulu says

    Her voice is soo soothing

  23. Avia Cohen says

    your amazing thank you for giving me tips and tricks I'm really gonna succeed thanx to u xx

  24. Torkan Khalilzadhe says

    You have 121 videos and on 120 of them you mentioned audiobook?

  25. raksha kuthnikar says

    It is such a delight to watch your content, each word makes perfect sense. Thank you for doing what you do.
    Love and support ?

  26. Chrissy Webb says

    Literally love your channel it’s really helping keep a positive mindset throughout these difficult and very strange times. I have in fact lost 5 stone, gave up smoking 20;a day in 2012 and gave up alcohol over a year ago, however I still struggle with mindset and overeating junk food, your hunts and tips are so helpful I can’t thank you enough. You are so beautiful and I love your fresh vibe xx

  27. Elena Etna says

    Your words are so simple, pure and straight to my heart.. so much that you make me move.
    This planet needs more humans like you.
    Thank you for sharing with us your vision.

  28. Culley Bayless says

    Imagine being perfect

  29. It’s siva Sowparnika says

    you are simply awesome

  30. Lucy Graf says

    Omg im shoked. She is so smart, joyfull and powerfull. I love this woman❤

  31. Selina Barton says

    I appreciate this.

  32. LUXAETERNA6603 says

    Hi u are my vision board

  33. anjana rana says

    Rubber band exercise is great

  34. Juan cai says

    Hi. I am a Chinese fan Why there are some name tittle in Chinese ?

  35. Sweety sinha says

    You are really awesome .. keep inspiring us..

  36. Emma bchn says

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks like Camila Cabello ?

  37. W T Sports says

    Act of doing a good deed is the best way to put a smile on both the giver and receiver. Awesome keep it up

  38. Asna Mydin says

    I like you said weather you are morning person or not when ever the person wake up can take this healthy food.thats good word's..tq my sweet friend..God Bless you everyday..

  39. Daisy Virgo says

    Thank you for making me realise it IS OKAY to eat something unhealthy but just eat more something healtiher most of the time

  40. Kasturi Karkare says

    Hey Sadia,
    Found your channel about 3-4 days ago and I'm obsessed with your authenticity, positivity, simplicity, creativity and elegance! I know these are a lot of words, but your channel really resonates with me. So much so, that I shared it with my mom immediately to start following you as well! Looking forward for your passion to translate into more videos! ?

  41. Chu Yao Claire Wang says

    I love how all those checklists are printable!

  42. Maricarmen Zagal says

    Hey is 2020 and I just came across your videos, all I can say is I'm OBSESSED with your channel ?? so so wonderful and full of great ideas!!! I'm not vegan , but I am looking forward to try as much as your recipes with my husband and son , I really want to incorporate the green/healthy elements in our daily meals ….?.

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