Healthy or junk food? Busting food labels (CBC Marketplace)


Food Fiction | Originally broadcast Feburary 13, 2015
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  1. Joker says

    If ya think Nutella is healthy you might as well eat a chocolate bar for brekafast.

  2. Bernard Ray says

    Nutella is an Israel company.

  3. Ramez Dr says

    0:49 is he about to cry or…

  4. Pengen sehat says

    Never like nutella,never like any berry spread from store,i always make my own for my family…waaay less sugar (i add low calorie honey in it)…since 17 years ago…we dont eat junkfood,sweets,or milk…always eat natural food people…natural food

  5. N0ZP1K3R says

    The redhead mom don't seem too bright.

  6. Hero burrito says

    Do they not realise is that the food is a little more healthy then normal they act like people eat a slice of bread and expect to get the same and eating a healthy salad

  7. Ronan Lapsley says

    Eat your cereal.

  8. Napoleon says

    It's guillotine time

  9. Liam Scarlett says

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  10. yahya saady says

    How about people also learn a bit about nutrition instead of instagram

  11. Vinay Mulukutla says

    "Nutella is spreadable candy" Right on! That's exactly what it comes off as to me, it's a confectionery product. I can't believe people think it's healthy, they might as well eat a Snickers for breakfast. Apart from hazelnuts, cocoa and some milk solids, the rest of it is pretty much a nutritionally redundant mass of sugar and palm oil.
    It is also worth noting that the largest jars of Nutella are 650g in Europe, whilst 725g in North America, not including those bulk-sized tubs for the catering industry.

  12. P Feliciano says

    eats two tbs of nutellaaaaaaa

  13. CyborgZombie says

    This kid will forever hate this news network for telling his mom that he basically won’t be able to eat Nutella with bread for breakfast ever again

  14. poptato says

    does literally no one else know how to read a nutrition label

  15. Imperial Hub says

    this makes me go eat nutelalla 🙂

  16. Ridge frost says

    To be honest, i probably eat nutella like once every 5 blue moons or somethn

    so when i get it, I'm definitely eating a couple slices of bread with nutella daily till its done

  17. Spoonful Cooking Channel says

    Also, the second ingredient in Nutella is PALM OIL! (Which means it is the second most prevalent ingredient in the product. Sugar being #1)

    Look up palm oil for yourself! They use it because it provides bigger yields than other oils and is much cheaper but it is so bad for us and our planet! A lot of products use palm oil which is so sad to me

  18. GRE Verbiage says

    Nutella is 101% sugar ^_^

  19. ata 73 says

    Ok,is nothing that can njeat only fruit and vegetables strait from the plant or tree not frozen ? everything that I eat is ??? ?

  20. Lilith says

    if you want a healthy diet, don't shop from the supermarket easy as that! anything wrapped or canned ought to have BS in it

  21. Stacy Littler says

    Nutella loves sugar.. More like Nutella IS sugar..

  22. Thatgirl Jaz says

    Imagine reading a food nutrition label instead of reading the claims on the packaging

  23. musicalasian says

    15:00 bahaha same

  24. Samantha • Jean says

    So what did we learn today?

    Use chocolate icing instead of Nutella

  25. trovey02 says

    Grown up people don't read the ingredients on the labels? When you do you can see that things like Nutella aren't healthy.

  26. Amen Hush says

    Who on earth so damn lazy that they have to buy canned soups and beans. Cook the damn thing in your kitchen using fresh ingredients FGS

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