Hearing aid support on Android


For the first time, hearing aids can pair directly with your Android phone. Jon Hurwitz, product manager on Android Bluetooth, shares how his team delivers a low energy audio solution with longer battery life, and product tester, Shaunin Baoerjiin, explains the significant impact it’s had on her life.

“466 million deaf or hard of hearing people around the world” source: Deafness and hearing loss, World Health Organization,

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  1. E. Parker says

    I have had the Resound Linx Quattro hearing aids for approximately 1 year now. A week ago replaced my Samsung S7 with the new Samsung A 51, and I would like to know if I can stream audio, make phone calls, etc. with the A51. If so, how do I do it? If not, when do you plan on enabling this feature? I was trying to get help from the hearing aid manufacturer concerning this matter, but they weren't able to help. They gave me a list of Android phones such as the S10, S20, Google pixel and so on, but nothing on the A51. Please help. It would be so nice if I can have this feature on my phone. Thanks!

  2. meni poco says

    Android ?

  3. blaine wesley says


  4. C. Jennings says

    H other

  5. Eric Newbauer says

    Android got it right with this one. I can't hear well but with this I'm able to carry on without disturbing anyone with speakerphone!!Lol

  6. Dilchate Ebrahim says

    Hello ye kum kum bhagya ki problam kia hai bhi, plan our plan hota hai yarr is to match boring plan to khatam nhi hota hai re

  7. sansen says

    I have Nokia 7plus with android 10. Can please help me how to connect my Oticon opn 3 minirite hearing aids?

  8. Sanuma Oromoo Tube Channel says


  9. IAM BAD says

    woww yall just know ..???

  10. Rafiqul Islam says

    wow nice

  11. Mohamed Herouini says

    أنا هنا لamitier العالم دون تفرقة أو تمييز في جميع أنحاء العالم السلام

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  13. Kalangkral B00nslngsron says


  14. Amad Brer says


  15. Avin Toussaint says

    BLE was also in the note 9s s pen

  16. निःshabd says

    Google should give stylus support for every android phone, so we can use it like Samsung note series…

  17. فواز العنزي says


  18. yolanda morales heredia says

    Android has a best operating system! I love Android

  19. 김태현김 says


  20. karim game craft says


  21. Just The 2 Of Us says

    I have a pair of Phonak hearing aids, they already use BLE with Android 8 and 9. Don't know what is so new about this.

  22. The Non Smoker says

    See what Software can change!

  23. The Non Smoker says

    Why this grandma looking so young!

  24. The Non Smoker says

    Good news for 80yrs Old future me 🙂

  25. Shashwata Koley says

    Google can we use this feature on our existing Android phones???? it would be very helpful for my uncle, who has recently become a deaf after an accident and uses and a Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge.

  26. stalan klocket says

    add support for all android version 1 2 3 4 5 6 old apps to work and function smooth on android 7 8 9 10. and make it easier and more simple for professional app companies to roll out updates to playstore quick and easy without it being a toll on time etc and to help apps grow better, roll out more and expand through playstore.

  27. Martinspire says

    Very glad to see this as somebody with (strong) hearing aids. Been jealous about iOS devices being widely supported by hearing aid manufacturers where Android always requires some additional hardware. So this is going to be standard for all devices? Also those getting Android 10 as an upgrade? And when can we expect manufacturers to start and support this? Is it limited to specific devices and hearing aids?

  28. Ariel Zabihi says

    I really hate it when people aren’t the same exact race as me

  29. Gabriel Gutman says

    thank you

  30. Gabriel Gutman says

    how can I tell if my current pair of hearing aids is compatible with my Android 10 phone?

  31. Thank's, follow me

  32. Andreas Elf says

    So this is basically hearing aid with bluetooth support?

  33. ᜇᜊᜒᜇ᜔ says

    Wow Google really care the world.

  34. Joey I says

    And ANOTHER reason why I love Google so much. They really, really care about the world and the people in it and do everything they can to help make it a better place for all.

  35. Maria Dapaz says

    Modo Dark para o Android 6.0. , 7.0 , 8.0 , 9.0 e Android 10 para Todos aplicativos do Google

  36. PingaTech says

    Android 10!

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