It’s Race Day! 72 cars racing down the Hot Wheels Super Six Lane Raceway for a chance to race the current King, The Funny Car. Track length is a 1/64th scale 1/4 mile. The original orange track is covered with DRAGSTRIPS Street stickers giving it the appearance of real asphalt. Link below.


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  1. Selvi Aras says

    wow god


    How many $ is it?
    I will buy it.

  3. Mr. Wolfy says

    i have the third winner car

  4. Gabrielle says

    Los que hablen en español reportense o como se diría en inglés those who speak Spanish report

  5. SHoT_TheCuBiXo says

    I didnt think that there were a dude with more hot wheels cars than me haha

  6. Alex Matos says

    Show de bola. .

  7. Geo Bogdan says
  8. GAME PLAY says
  9. Pooja Govindwar says

    Where you got this ????

  10. Karl says

    Battle of aerodynamic car

  11. Galândia says

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    Give away plzzz hahaya

  13. S1rEx WotBlitz says

    Пацаны никогда не взрослеют)

  14. Moh Yoga fathun naim says

    Saya bisa beli mobilya

  15. wilson lagos says

    base on my own observation the track 6 is kinda curve slightly that the car wiggles in the middle not a straight path tho

  16. Jennifer Avram says

    The king looks cool

  17. noob gamer says

    When you leave the room do you think it is like Toy Cars Story? Lmao

  18. Andi Azis says


  19. Alcapone 320 says

    Ford GT é um dos meus favoritos haha kkk

  20. rock and robloxer IXC says

    my dad has a white corvette made a day before he was born

  21. Bhumika Sahu says

    very nice

  22. Trio•OHT Gaming says

    this makes me calm.

  23. Hafeez Karimji says

    I like this king car

  24. RCWS CITY says


  25. Iron Man says

    Bro how, much u both spend, for the whole collection

  26. Sandy Jancux says

    Yg orang Indonesia

  27. Raul Lopez says


  28. SharperFocus 1 says

    15:55 you can see just if you slow it down at 0.5 speed in that the Porsche won

  29. Jude Uzim says

    I don't know which car will win

  30. vamshin jadhav says

    How to we get these cars

  31. Patrícia Mendoza says


  32. cool kim says

    This is good

  33. briar patch says

    I had corvettes first 2 races!

  34. Michael Joyce says

    James Wants To Be In The 2013 Michigan Ice Monster Holiday Edition And James Wants To Be A Surprised Entrant Please

  35. Eltonsakura JIM says

    sang juara… ?

  36. King Wolf says


  37. morbid games says

    Roadbandit is tribute of hotwheels for philippines jeepney

  38. Kailee Bopp says

    Not spongebob

  39. iwang slalubegitu says


  40. Kingston Carter says

    Ur doing great with ur vids keep it up!!!

  41. abdelghani mokhefi says


  42. Meal Ticket Raceway says

    How do you not like this video. Awesome job you guys. Nice look on track. Check out my MTRaceway if you like. Hit the icon

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