How do computers store images?


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  1. Techs Science says

    It's weird to ask but yoi looks younger child

  2. tazim Uddin says


  3. aşırı düz adam says

    The logic of 1s and 0s is pretty simple. 1 stands for true, 0 stands for false. Starting from left to right increasing the exponent of 2 (starting from 0) and adding the true members together. Any number can be obtained like this.

  4. HeWho KnowsNothing says

    Dude, you are awesome!
    You present this HQ-content in a very dynamic and inspiring way! Keep up this great work!
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  5. Johnny B says

    Pi times el = Pixel. Plural = pixels. 😉

  6. mani ali says

    sir ya ap samja le ya thumke lga le shela ke gese

  7. aprice says

    The "X" in pixel comes from the short form of picture which is written as "pix", bossman.

  8. 콘충이 says


  9. Ron Ruddick says

    192×192 sequencial

  10. Ron Ruddick says

    Pixel location and color… A million pixels and a million colors. Color and location would be the only way I can think of recording the data as binary though the size of the data concerning a modern display might be limiting comparative to analog methods like film

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  12. FLEX says

    I dont understand why they don't just store 3 images, with each one being a direct bitmap in each primary colour (RGB). (Ex: red=1, black=0 for the first image, etc.) Won't the information be much more compact?

  13. Pentacle says

    Instead of binary Industry shouldve went with hexadecimal, then CDs would sound just as good as analog Just sayin..

  14. Suryansh singh says

    Good explanation and good dance

  15. Lost meme says

    If images were stored this way, an HD movie will require more space then google has in all it's servers combined. Images are compressed and then stored.

  16. Abstract Easy says

    In this way… all the images having same dimension possess same size of memory in PC. But you know it differs… Why??? Can Anybody explain???

  17. kaden zars says

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  18. Mokafela says

    Unicode = Unique Code
    not Universal Code

  19. data is stored in transistors when its loaded in ram
    transistors lose their values after power off
    hard drives and ssds use different technologies but still store 1s and 0s
    finaly the cpu has nothing to do with ram and no data is "stored" in it, the cpu cache is just a cache system used to improve data access times when possible, it works automaticaly andd it cannot be loaded by the user


    Better for 5th class kids…that too not completely…

  21. Technical Expertise says

    You just explained an algorithm behind storage of image

  22. When Maths meets coding says

    This is misleadingly images are not stored in such fashion. We have RGB intensity ranging from 0 to 255 aboslutely 16^2 values for RGB they gets stroed…

  23. stanley gitau says

    I find this guy a bit weird lol

  24. Julia says

    Super ?? Video ? gibt es das auch auf Deutsch?

  25. UGGAT KUBAT says

    Is it possible to generate an image without actually capture an image (reference from some other image code)?

  26. 122 Huỳnhcư says


  27. Stanley Nope says

    Isn't modern pixel stored as 3(sometimes 4) unsigned 8-bit int(r, g, b)?

  28. Joseph Emerson says

    Did no one else realize that he said a processer was made of billions of transistors? That is so false! For one, processors don't store data.

  29. Yassir Rossel says

    Imagine explaining this to a person from 500 years ago.

  30. Vandana Narang says

    i think the first one please make a video on iphone

  31. Jacc Thakur says

    I mean how the pixels r catogorised????

  32. Jacc Thakur says

    And how pixel r made??? Wat is mechansim behind thm???

  33. sajal sangal says

    I wonder why you move your butts when you say 'I wonder' btw great video, loved it

  34. J Black says

    Ok so now I have to see how microscopic transistors are made

  35. J Black says

    Very good instructor

  36. MImran Khan says

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  37. Prabhav Pandya says

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  38. Dawng Kima says

    Thnx for sharing your knowledge

  39. ᪶ ᪶ says

    really? using a hex editor i saw only some weird ass letters

  40. Paul Crooks says

    Jigsaw puzzle

  41. Manish Mishra says

    Appreciate the way you kept it simple mate! Thanks for ensuring to cover all aspects too, which a rookie may have as doubts!

  42. NAVEEN suvarna says

    2:27 '"X" IS "+" turned

  43. Saskia van Houtert says

    Thanks for explanation and kind regards, pixels can be round, squard and ellips shaped.
    Ellips shaped have a better result in contrast.

  44. CarbaN GaminG says

    Sala hamare teacher se bhi Boeing hai!!

  45. khalid HASSANI says

    i love the way you explain things, but your doby langage must be controled. thanks

  46. Boban Milisavljevic says

    Dont be jealous, but now i love transistors too ❤️

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