How Germany's Universal Health-Care System Works


Germany’s health-care system spends nearly half as much as the United States but still manages to cover 100% of its population through a mix of public and private insurance schemes. There are two different systems that residents can turn to for insurance in Germany: SHI, which stands for Statutory Health Insurance and PHI or Private Health Insurance. Here’s how they work.

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How Germany’s Universal Health-Care System Works

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  1. Dirk Driessen says

    About the waiting times in germany. The evarge german goes to the doctor 17 time in a year

  2. Pat Veldon says

    The latest stimulus plan includes 100% deductability of business meals, according to Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. …republicons priority is giveaways to corporations and the rich not the sick or unemployed.

  3. Ben Holstein says

    yeah……….i am german……………..yeah

  4. Zydia says

    You can switch back from PHi so SHI untill the age of 55.

  5. John Pan says

    It didn’t mention how much more tax you need to pay if it gets introduced in the us

  6. crazy t says

    Maybe implement a bit of the uk private vs national healthcare where by default you will go to a nhs hospital but if you have private healthcare you can go/transfer to their hospital. I feel something like this might push hospitals onto this type of system as it gives them the choice. If a hospital gets most on their patients though A&E they might say that it is worth switching to keep that, on the over hand hospitals with returning patients for treatments might stay private.
    What I feel that the US needs is something to regulate drug prices as the cost of goods vs sales mark ups are too high

  7. Ibo Jr Berzenji says

    Imagine to pay 1400$ for an ambulanse

  8. knoellchekoenig says

    This videos title is wrong. The "how" is redundant.

  9. sunnysunday says

    Although the competition between those sickness funds doesn't really exist as described in the video. Nobody really changes from one to the other cause it's not worth it, the differences are minimal.

  10. der dessen Name nicht genannt werden darf says

    That's what capialism brought the USA

  11. Philip Hautzinger says

    Probs to Reichskanzler Otto von Bismarck who introduced this in 1883, one of our greatest achievements ????

  12. Ivan Zehnder says

    And if you compare the german system with the swiss system you'll find out, that you can go even further than germany. And as a proud swiss citizen I have to say our system works just fine and even most of our conservative or libertarian political parties accept our "socialist" healthcare system. If I have an accident or some other medical issues, I can go to a hospital or a doctor and be sure, that I'll get the help which I need and I won't spend all my money on the bill. Please make another video and compare the american system to the swiss system. Then all the american viewers will feel even worse.

  13. Dino Might says

    Ahh capitalism at its finest

  14. m.p. maxplanation says

    Yes everbody is covered… and if you work you have to pay loads of money. German health companies build nice buildings from your money and enjoy themselfs. Being a German, I would strongly prefer the American system.

  15. Cc So says

    I remember Hillary Clinton tried to do German System Health Care for America from the White House .And people refused and ridiculed her .

  16. Juri Schaber says

    Well, America has been the richest county.
    As you see your medical system is not working. And you did profit from the dollar as world currency. This will end.
    And please stop Manufacturing so many weapons.

  17. Felixkeeg says

    "0:44 I trust you to choose the right thing for you" Yeah, look where that got your country, man…

  18. Hüpfer says

    No we can change insurance on a one and a half year basis if we want to. Not every year.

  19. Denise G- Hill says

    No system is perfect. The UK NHS has a huge bureaucracy

  20. Monkey D. Luffy says

    All the USA numbers are wrong btw…. Lmao

  21. Cornelia Spindler says

    Many mistakes about the German healthcare in this video!

  22. Annihilate MAGA Cult says

    Deutschland über alles, ihr Luschen.

  23. Hans Schmidt says

    Hahahahaha Murica – So great – Trump is a joke

  24. Marc Adenaw says

    The numbers about the costs are not correct here.
    As an employee your company pays the insurance for you. You do not have to pay anything from your income that goes to your bank account.
    As a self sufficient person it depends on your income. It can also happen that you pay the lowest price which is 350 Euro that is around 380 Dollars.
    Only if you earn more than 5000 Euros a month you have to pay the maximum fee which then is very affordable.
    The private insurance only makes sense when you are young. In old ages it costs a fortune.
    All in all it is a very fair system and not expensive.

  25. Chaz Bennett says


  26. Chaz Bennett says

    America is a 3rd world Country with a 1st world Military. God I hate Republicans and Neoliberal Dems like Pelosi and Schumer.

  27. Willy Yappy says

    you can't really compare people's perception of wait time, people's perception of 5 minutes wait time can be far different depending their circumstance and habits. Implying that more Germans think they had long wait time compared to US is a false conclusion

  28. What about the Server? says

    TRUE FREEDOM is losing a loved one from a serious illness then losing everything you worked and filing for BANKRUPTCY cuz your insurer found a way to deny your coverage and save the company money. GOOD JOB! DRINKS ON THE COMPANY CREDIT CARD!!

  29. Joseph Powell says

    Germany, the UK and most of Europe have the best! The U.S. Has the worst, By far!

  30. Ismalith says

    Is that a bad attempt at trying to keep private insurance?
    At first there is public and private healthcare here in Germany even if the public ones are still run as public companies, and the private sector is the reason the healthcare system is permanently in decline and so expensive here.
    The same is true for our retirement system.
    We also need to get rid of the private part if we don't want become such a disaster like the US.

  31. Kai Saathoff says

    Just to be clear: The German health insurance system is designed to cover the whole country, to manage the costs and to offer standard procedures for everyone. As a result of this, the costs (and therefore the medical revenues) are capped, which means the earnings of participants of the medcial system (doctors, nurses, caretakers, etc) are less paid compaired to systems like in US.
    Plus the costs increases the labour costs as it is paid mainly by the employed people.

  32. Abul C. says

    So, Axis is the real winner of WW2?

  33. Releasemindssecond Last says

    well ur live is a good product and long live business (as long as u live), and business is business the better we make the more broke out the other side but relax a pair of sub-machine gun could fix almost anything in wild west

  34. Just a moustache says

    I just came here to see idiots fighting but what do i find?


  35. Cat says

    This would never work in the US, because republicans would immediately try to deregulate any privatized healthcare system and go back to charging extortionate rates.

  36. Jersey Shore says

    Health insurance in Germany is very expensive.

  37. Ian Harding says

    There is no American health care. The basis of any good government that works for all not just the rich few is health care. It’s NOT Communism. It’s barbarism not to do it. Even the Romans had health care

  38. I'm a gawd says

    U know Germany has like 250 million less people right?

  39. Nutella1945 says

    Bibity bobity,
    This comment section is now under Germany's property.

  40. Steve Smith says

    Like the UK's NHS, these socialist health systems only work because they're **propped up by capitalism**. In the UK, even if you have private medical insurance you are still forced to pay for the NHS, which by the way is badly managed extremely wasteful at great expense to the taxpayer.

  41. Sean Mc says

    What happens if you don’t want to pay into the health care in Germany

  42. 4jrgolf says

    Much better than US but far from Canada and France. Just look at the size of the buildings these insurance companies boasting.

  43. Forry3D says

    6:53 Ross from vlogcreations

  44. paulnmarshall says

    200 IQ way to make money: Spend $25 for 1000 ibuprofen in the US. Travel to Germany. Sell ibuprofen 10 times more than what you paid for. Profit. Rinse and repeat.

  45. B.B Smoi says

    I only came here for the Deutsch comments

  46. keith teschner says

    I liked the joke about "non-profit! They are just concerned about your heslth"??

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