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-emma chamberlain

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  1. elianna says

    emma not packing her shoes or bag in their dust bags is giving me anxiety

  2. Emily M says

    pov: at 4:02 you are yelling at emma to pack her eyeshadow

  3. max3344 max says


  4. Allie Idk says

    I’d it just me or was anyone else looking at the cats while her sponsor

  5. Taylor222 says

    I love how Emma’s just sorting her makeup and the door randomly opens

  6. Zita Ridgett says


  7. Rebekah-Mae Wainwright says

    Did she forget eyeshadow ??!??!??

  8. annaliese w! says

    the first fit reminded me of ms.trunchbull for some reason ?

  9. The Green Pear says

    Don’t you like beat your dog or something you popped up in my recommendation

  10. ᴋᴀᴄᴇʏʟᴀᴄᴇʏ says

    emma the alarm sound has to go. it’s midnight and im writing while your video is playing in the back. my heart skipped a beat when i heard it?

  11. Leen Aljame says

    I literally love you Emma! Keep being amazing

  12. connor sherman says

    ok well u went to middle school with my friend and u were racist to her

  13. Edits only says

    She is me when I go on a trip ?

  14. TeMpErS WoRLd says

    Yo Emma u trippin hun idk know if that was ur cat but yo damn door just opened by its self

  15. Sarah Alice says

    I love how her door just opens by itself ?

  16. RideOrDie says

    The funny thing is that.. if it was anyone else that posted this.. i wouldn’t watch

  17. Jorge Walia says

    travel well ❤❤❤❤❤❤??

  18. Jorge Walia says

    i never get bored of her videos ??????

  19. janet c: says

    Louis Vuitton invited her… That's so weird bc she also has a suit case, back pack and sm from LV

  20. Aoibh O'Neill says

    littrely more dis likes then likes :/

  21. Madison Briney says

    purple set: lawyer

  22. Jayli Marshall says


  23. Fluffy_ Unicorn5260 says

    Where is the clear vanity case from with the pink outlines?

  24. camila sophia says

    i lowkey love her tolietry bag dose anyone know where it’s from or one similar

  25. Jessicaa_Beautyy says

    There's this Emma and then there's Coachella Emma…

  26. Ecem Taşkın says

    Lol remember when the world was normal and we could travel without any anxiety to catch a virus

  27. Paulina Beňova says

    I love how emma's cat is just chilling in the back while emma is doing her commercial break

  28. Felicia Pattinson says

    I've seen the intro like 10 times

  29. Amanda Tarciana says

    I literally am tired of seeing this add

  30. Shalini K says

    Is it just me or did the door just open when she was packing brushes

  31. purpledogbanana - Roblox says

    emma : ‘i pack the night before’
    me: i pack when we’re about to leave tf

  32. Paige Victoria says

    Anyone else see the cat in the back of the beginning of the ad sponsorship commercial?

  33. Dilcia Reyes says

    She is literally the female version of Adam Sandler cause she is so wealthy, but she chooses not to wear expensive clothes and says that she is not successful in life, but she is and I love it

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