How I RUINED Tim's FIRST FASHION SHOW! Ft. CourageJD (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! In todays video let timthetatman and couragejd host one of my fashion shows! Still doing these different types of Fortnite videos while I wait for season 2 of chapter 2!

#fortnite #sypherpk #chapter2

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  1. Pasta-Shadows says

    U messed up Ong he tomato LOL he owns the pizza place BOY

  2. ?????_?? 101 says

    The old map?

  3. J V says

    Performance round is emote round and everyone knows that

  4. amirreza ttv says

    Landyleee-poker was the winer

  5. BIGMAC KING says

    I won a that fashion show he killed me when I did the t pose and then the dance

  6. Der Eine says

    I would participate even tho i got no skins and have default dance

  7. Crazycactus MAN says


  8. ツvHxpnotic says

    someone please tell me what emote that is at 18:11

  9. Luke Xu says

    99.999999% sure all the dislikes are from the people that were mad that it was ruined lmao

  10. Will Thompson says

    The banana did not do an emote he did a meme

  11. Pradip Panchal says

    Why do I feel like Sypher made all the callouts in Tim’s Fashion show

  12. Jackson Gilchrist says

    RIP Jack

  13. Shugg Is cracked says

    if only they still played

  14. Il Inferno Il says

    Banana wasn’t emoting lol

  15. CLAAASHof K says

    I liked the vid because the vid was amazing and I was dieing when you killed your editor. ?

  16. Gamerdxb Monsterier says

    I feel bad for your editor you are calling him editor instead of his real name

  17. H1tmarker12 says

    Me going through the comments looking for that scammer bot

  18. Julie Anderson says

    OOf Landny love_pulser 2020-2020 rip

  19. VIBE REZ says

    Well you didn't ruin it

  20. Mr. Mojo says

    How’s it runied

  21. Daddy gufff says

    I missed the bit where u ruined it

  22. Jaden Kicks says

    15:44 “I hate your back bling” but you let this guy through even though his backbling doesn’t match 13:41

  23. iliacosta85 says

    Sypher always ruins everything stupid sypher

  24. RadaR Aimez says

    Less get it

  25. Randomness says

    Who else can't think of an original comment

  26. Jujhar Singh says

    I love your vids

  27. Javnit Striker says

    This is like s1 chap2 that's it he's running out of ideas

  28. Kely Robles says


  29. boy_ Faze says

    He gta'd his editor ?

  30. Ricarnaj Driver says


  31. Michelle Brooks says

    yoshi's island theme

  32. HELLO THERE says

    F in chat for Jack

  33. Crjaner says

    Landylose_pulsar was the name

  34. Sniper _LTB says

    He never ruined it

  35. Muhammad Talha says

    her name was landy loop_pulaar

  36. abdullah babar says

    Pls do these series I love this video

  37. VIDAN BOSS says

    Its not your fashoin show bitch

  38. Dylan Librado says

    I don’t know if anyone heard, but Courage said a cuss word

  39. Elizabet Oganisian says

    OMG I LOVED 22:11


  40. Devennee Ceja says

    Wow spker

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