How I WON Lachlan's $10 000 Fashion Show World Cup Qualifier! ft. Ali-A (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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  1. Subbing to everyone Who subs to me says

    Read my name

  2. Fortnite Streamers360 says

    I have heard that u r Muslim and ur name is Ali Hassan so can u speak Urdu

  3. Bence Parragh says

    I like your videos sypher <3

  4. nin_flame says

    That ali a intro tho ??

  5. Daniel Nasseredine says


  6. Aiden Rafeeq says
  7. BenThe21Monster says


  8. sana fatima ahmed says

    0:55 Ali A cus

  9. OvoASTRO says

    Iᗰ SᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO SᑌᗷS I'ᗰ ᖴᗩST I will sub back! Just comment so I know you did!

  10. Liana Mullen says

    The reason that the Ali-a intro is different is because of copyright

  11. Itz Saad Fayyaz says


  12. Olivia Williams says
  13. Hookedgerm says

    Can you pin me pls

  14. Ky Alex says

    Who memed on alia

  15. Ky Alex says

    How dare you

  16. Ky Alex says

    You suck boomer

  17. Ky Alex says


  18. DJ Tony J says

    I saw him on the stream and he has watched the whole video of Mrbeast

  19. Parvin Begum says

    Daim Spher's face-cam is soooo HD.

  20. FaKe Muffin says

    Ye everybody hates him for some reason but not everybody

  21. cosmic bob says

    Gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg gg

  22. Jennifer Keith says


  23. Saul Acosta says

    The intro whistle


  24. Deadly Ninja says
  25. Diamond Universe says

    I dare sypher to use the intro for 5 months

  26. AFEKT_ibnight says

    When the video started it was funny how SypherPK edited Alias intro

  27. Benji says

    Did anyone see his vbucks go to 7500 to 7300

  28. Ali- A says

    Ali-A here hi

  29. Sikk WittItt says

    The part when you said Ali a

  30. Cristian Peña says

    I feel so bad for Ali a, he gets so much hate that he doesn’t deserve

  31. Ruben Landa says

    that intro tho ??

  32. zombatic6000 says

    what was that intro

  33. Edgar Bejero says

    that was dope

  34. AhmedTheCrystalStar 123 says
  35. Natasha Chetty says


  36. Syed Ali says

    0:13 lol

  37. Hit Or miss says

    1% of the comments are normal. 99% of the comments are “Ollie-A”

  38. Nikhil Santhlall says

    I also watched Ali a

  39. BRS clapz says


  40. SuperMinecrafter says

    freak u stupid nerd

  41. Nathan Mol says

    That intro made me cry

  42. Harley Adams says

    U nilly died

  43. Steven Krajcik says


  44. Steven Krajcik says


  45. Isaiah Terrell says

    I’ve seen this one but on Ali As channel

  46. DJ Galaxy24 says

    I mean u said ali a wrong but ok

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