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The bacteria in our guts can break down food the body can’t digest, produce important nutrients, regulate the immune system, and protect against harmful germs. And while we can’t control all the factors that go into maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, we can manipulate the balance of our microbes by paying attention to what we eat. Shilpa Ravella shares the best foods for a healthy gut.

Lesson by Shilpa Ravella, animation by Andrew Foerster.

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  1. Thiraviam Manikandan says

    It's so helpful

  2. fategrandoroder2 says


  3. Gomes Gominho says


  4. Ya Haha says

    Listen to your microbiomes and be vegan

  5. Divhi overload says

    South Africa❤

  6. Girish pai says

    But if the food that we eat in a wrong way can definitely be toxic to our body that why you should never consume fruits with milk (Ayurveda) tells that the food we eat should be highly beneficial for mind as well body eating meat in India is mostly not followed because people believe that if you meat it becomes tamsic for the body which will increase the pitta in the body (heat) it is necessary to maintain a balance diet to maintain the vatta pitta and kapha these three should be balanced in our body there are many body types like vatta pitta, pitta kapha, vatta kapha etc in each human you can only find these three body types

  7. Alexis Davidson says

    මට ප්‍රතික්‍රියාකාරකයෙන් යම් ඇඟිලි ගැසීමක් ලැබෙනවාහෝර්සා වබ්ස්ලින් දෙස බැලීය අපි එය සමඟ කටයුතු කරන්නෙමු

  8. Lollipop. Lmfao says

    My gut pain made me think i had anxiety and i should see a therapist

  9. BillyBob says

    So your saying drink a lot of beer?

  10. Racer Girl says

    I know how food affects my gut. I Have been gluten free for 2 medical conditions. One medical condition since I was a child, and another medical issue since I was a teen. Since I started being gluten free ( 1970’s)I’d never felt so damn good. I also have a tree nut allergy, and egg allergy. I eat a lot of fresh Vegetables and fruit, and a protein with a small carb. I eat very little processed food. I had to see a different doc, so I filled out the form, and when the nurse took my paperwork, she said I didn’t list the medications. I said I don’t take any medications, she was shocked! She asked “none at all?” I said if I have a bad headache I may take an oc like Tylenol. Then I see the doc, he says the same thing, I hadn’t listed my meds, I told him the same thing, he said “ women your age take medications” I said “ medications are for people who need them” and I left.

  11. Kiran k says

    Me: Watching knowledgeble videos

    Momma peeks

    momma: aRe yOu sErIouSly wAtcHinG cArTooNs lIke a kId?

  12. ҉ says

    summary: just don’t eat bad stuff

  13. Cabron Sliver says

    Looks like a vegan propaganda to me

  14. awkward teddy says


  15. Tufff Boi says

    What more do you really need to know like for real .

  16. U&U HB SJ says

    Totally off context…

    But damn the animations are cute!

  17. B2B101 Back To Basics Health says

    Taking the best from Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Michael Greger etc etc and pushing this even further…

    Give this Facebook Group a go…

  18. Fitness Science says

    Vegan video

  19. Dave Ridlespriger 2 says

    Weights and measurements.

  20. Dave Ridlespriger 2 says

    Stop playing games

  21. Ipsha Roy says

    Any Indians here?? Because an Indian is speaking this

  22. Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking* says

    Bratwurst: This animation is very gut.

  23. Ayesha Khan says
  24. ANDY KERI says

    Taking antibiotics ,can cause Ulserative Colitis ,hence killing the good bacteria in your Colon.
    Colitis is increasing among young people.
    Repatriation of the Colon should be used ,not steroids.

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  26. Akhilesh yadav judapur yadav says


  27. Arun Gautam says

    This video is just ridiculous if you really want to know correct information about gut health then check out .heal your gut guy .by mike

  28. pp nainggolan says

    Fancy life without fruits and veggies.
    I wonder if it's all worth it.

  29. KemicalKiddMUSIC says

    I mean… our bodies obviously are meant to eat earths natural foods… But I guess we still dont know sarcasm

  30. In _domitable says

    And this whole video breaks down to eating a balanced diet

  31. Grony says

    All questions I've had in live will be answered by this video.

  32. Nyll TV says


  33. Donna Reid says

    What you eat affects your gut. Probiotics can put the good stuff back and help you feel BETTER.

  34. Kimhong Chang says

    number ?????????????????????

  35. Gillian Gacuma says

    Thank God wine is included in the go to list

  36. Aloy Perez says

    Imagine if all of the microbed in our body decided to stop helping us and turn against us because we took antibiotics. Im just glad that our microbes are very forgiving even when we accidently kill them.

  37. Renu roy says


  38. Renu roy says


  39. Nutrica by Dr Aleena Talha says

    Such clear explanation! Much appreciated

  40. Boys Venga says

    How to make people think about going vegan without saying the V word

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