How The United Kingdom's Health-Care System Works


As politicians in the US debate the best health-care policies to replace the current system, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service enjoys huge support from the vast majority of Britons. Despite the high reports of satisfaction with system, many in the UK are calling for reform of the NHS, especially following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Here’s how the NHS works and what reforms may be coming.

CORRECTION (March 6, 2020): At 9:20, a video graphic misspelled the name of Holly Jarman, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan.

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How The United Kingdom’s Health-Care System Works

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  1. amina mohamed says

    The NHS also pays for kids braces, medication AND therapy…

  2. botox says

    But on the flip side, no one is bothered by having 'socialized' police, military and fire department 🙂 imagine if they all became for-profit as well. that'd be fun.

  3. Gandalf the Grey says

    Well I mean technically we (the UK) spent 0 US Dollars lmao

  4. soap mctavish says

    Far left lool ?

  5. Absent Rocket says

    As a brit this makes me appreciate the NHS more

  6. michael portaloo says

    Save yourself 13 minutes
    In four words: nationalized compulsory insurance scheme

  7. Joe South says

    Why you not shouting about the empty hospitals grrrrrr bloody scared loosing jobs sod your jobs tell truth to the people it not fair god help you in next world you will be judged

  8. The Vortex says

    Unfortunately, the NHS is severely underfunded, and the Tories are seemingly quite happy to sell it off. Bernie is right, America should work towards free healthcare

  9. Nickgamer5678 says

    I cant believe Americans have to pay for for an ambulance. Question for americans – do you have to pay for a police car and fire truck ?

  10. Sahil Ali says

    Americans if you want free healthcare like us just pay more taxes ?

    Or go to Scotland because those lot get more for free than England. The English government only care about London but the Scottish government care about their whole country

  11. houseofball0ons says

    Not used to seeing praise about the UK. Only when we're being compared to the US…

  12. Oliver Queen says

    The NHS are legends

  13. Sean Kelly says

    The fire service was nationalised well before the second world war, the idea of the NHS in the UK was thought up prior to the second world war, during the world war their was a large amount of free emergency care during and arfter an air raid, in 1947 under the labor government at the time had passed the National Health Service Act. during the Tory government of the 80s and 90s saw the demise of the NHS to a situation where in the mid 00s the NHS was near to complete breakdown, and today we're in a similar situation

  14. Hillary Trump says

    6:45 That's freedom to profit from other people's suffering – no thanks.

  15. James guitar says

    The basic rule for medical treatment in the UK is:- if it's minor and you can afford it ( in other words someone else is paying for it ) by all means go private if you can get treated quicker . If it's serious , the NHS is by far the best . Also , if a private procedure goes wrong , as sometimes happens and the extra resources of the NHS are required , to try to save the patient , there's a bill from them as well .

  16. Derekgough Gough says

    NHS nurses have committed mass murder on our old age pensioners they ought to be charged and jailed for mass murder there's enough dancing videos of nurses to take hundreds to court for mass murder because the imberceiles all show their faces showing themselves dancing on YouTube which I've got enough to start the prosecution process for mass murder.

  17. Stephen Hodgson says

    The Conservatives objected when the NHS was founded in 1948. When they saw how popular it was in the 1950's and 1960's they largely left it alone for fear of the electorate. When the Thatcher government came into power they began a slow process of defunding the NHS. As they did so waiting times increased and the Thatcher government began to farm out the low risk, fast turn round profitable cases to the private sector. This initially saw a fall in some waiting times but what was left was the more expensive kind of cases that the private sector didn't want to cover and so wait times began to increase again. As a result (among other reasons) the Conservatives were voted out of office. when they returned to power under the guise of austerity to get the country back on its feet after the great recession, they again began to under fund the NHS but this time blamed it on the EU. Again the Conservatives increased the amount of work going to the private sector some of who were paying into the Conservative party's election campaign.

    The problem the Conservatives have is that while they may not like the NHS the vast majority of the UK population does and there will come a point when the NHS begins to creak because of government under funding and this time there is nobody for the Conservatives to blame. At that point unless there is a miraculous return from Brexit the British public will turn on them just like they did in the 1990's and the Conservatives may well be facing decades out of power as a result. While American companies may well see the NHS as rich pickings for them they do not understand the affection that the British public have for it and they will turn not only on any government that they see taking that service away from them but also on the companies that are seen to be profiting from the process. Let's not forget that one of the reasons that the TTIP talks between the US and EU collapsed was because lobbying from American healthcare companies for access to the EU market became a sticking point with the French saying there was no way that American healthcare companies were going to protect their profits by exploiting European citizens in the way they were exploiting American citizens.

  18. DJ Wakki says

    I am lucky to have Private Health Care cover, but even still I would gladly contribute my taxes towards the NHS. The NHS helps us all within our society, no matter what walks of life you come from.

  19. Callum Cooke says

    Despite promising not to sell out the NHS, the conservative government just blocked a bill that would block the NHS being used in a trade deal.

  20. D J says

    The UK does have a religion; it's called the NHS.

  21. Freyja Richardson says

    There are some people in these comments complaining about how are taxes have to fund the NHS, ARE YOU STUPID. You would rather have lower taxes and die from not being able to afford healthcare instead of having the current taxes and not dying. That's some flawed logic right there mate.

  22. Freddie Ferguson says

    we dont know how lucky we are in uk until its gone

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