How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.


The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!

Original image by Gaurav Agrawal:
Huge thanks to Mishaal:
and Davide:
and Ice Universe:

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  1. Adr Sngp says

    I tried on my samsung galaxy j5 prime, nothing happened. It has the samsung ui with android 8.

  2. dolan duck says

    Me: Set this wallpaper up
    That one pixel: Your free trial of life has expired

  3. dolan duck says

    Me: Set this wallpaper up
    That one pixel: Im gonna do what called a pro gamer move

  4. Vythal says

    i thought i escaped math already

  5. Omega Oshawott says

    0:53 why he applied Prince Miguel picture (It's cat's Name).

  6. Vincent Intiso says

    His phone is a family member

  7. One Million Subs With No Vids says

    Let's just say call this guy for tech support

  8. IIExhibitAII says

    Works great on my iphone :p

  9. †Alex Gacha† says

    It's because SCP 096 is 4 pixels and SCP foundation kills your phone to survive ??

  10. EintheMarx says


  11. Weeaboo 2000 says

    What about Apple dose it break iPhone 11

  12. Therealmcgaming X says

    does this wallpaper work in a computer because i dont want to try it!?!?

  13. Animon Sapphire says

    Type F in the chat for all the people who lost their phones.

  14. yeah ok says

    tldr: pixel=too bright 4 phone

  15. Notalieximia says

    Him: set it as wall paper

    Imma warn ppl and help people and not cry abt my phone.
    Me: why don’t you just call Android?
    (No hate just thought it was funny)

  16. kittuly says

    Has anyone tried this on an Apple phone yet?

  17. Black 229 says

    Im soo fcking lost i tried it ??
    But mi smasing galaxy a 40 still works??

  18. SuperGold16 says

    i lost a brain cell trying to understand

  19. Hamz Mamba says

    The first video where I watched the whole video without skipping and was interested.

  20. HunCez YT says

    I try it but! Nothing Wrong Happened ???

  21. VorcefulSynce says

    That one pixel represents my entire life…..

    Outa my luege.

  22. Skip Holton says

    finnallly a video thats not clickbait

  23. striker says

    The pixel is~

  24. Aleksandr Productions says

    0:55 Isn't that Michael from Aaron's Animals

  25. Stungun Notapplicable says

    Honestly, shouldn't an error like this just wind up causing the value to wrap around from 256 to 0?

  26. The Roblox Group says

    I tried it it actually destroyed my phone I had to pay more money to get a new phone

  27. Derek R says

    Lowkey an scp?

  28. I feel bad for everyone who lost their phone, the loss of a phone or computer is almost as painful as losing people ;0;

  29. hugohemra says

    That's some top tier unlucky bruh moment for the photographer.

  30. Retro Wiktor says

    Oh no this wallpaper broke my phone broke ! It was the only device that i could watch YouTube on …….

  31. Madeline Reaves says

    Wait is it safe on apple products?

  32. Yeet gang JOIN says


  33. Jonathan To says


    Android: "When you get a problem you don't know how to fix, just try to close it up and run away from it."

  34. Irene White says

    My phones fine

  35. Irene White says

    Ok I lied

  36. Irene White says

    I took a screen shot And it went Wrong

  37. Kiko Games says

    10 million people got their phones saved after this video xD

  38. zain plays says

    A hard reset may fix it can u tell me?

  39. Volteic says

    I can't wait to get a new phone so I can do this.

  40. itz_Michii says

    Me:*2020 can't be that bad*:July: *cursed freaking wallpaper*

  41. Sanu Anu says

    Love all of your videos ? and l the accent of English was outstanding but is the Arun or Aron ? We got confused here ?

  42. RevizBetterThan416_YT says

    But I’m on apple

  43. Junky Rift says

    Well what do you expect that’s an android???

  44. Roke mine says

    Mrwhosetheboss: explains how this kills your phone

    Other people with bad intentions: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  45. manon begin says

    I have the same samsung phone

  46. Ehsan Khan says

    Mr. You ARE the BOSS!

  47. Radu MC says

    Who else was feeling anxious while watching this on a phone?

  48. Connor Bryant says

    When the pixel popped up my phone crashed.

  49. federico selmi says

    ye right this is fake i tried it on samsung

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