How To Crash Paris Fashion Week


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Oobah Butler of fake shed restaurant fame is back and this time he’s turned his attention to the world of fashion. Paris Fashion week is iconic amongst A-Listers and fashion inner circles. It’s the place where you find all the next big trends, the crème de la crème of fashion weeks. Georgio Peviani was getting loads of attention at PFW.

Buyers from Milan wanted his denim in their stores, the inner-circle wanted him at their showrooms and A-Listers partied with him at night. But the man doesn’t actually exist.. does he? This is the time Oobah Butler faked his way into Paris Fashion Week.

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  1. VICE says

    Buyers from Milan wanted his denim in their stores, the inner-circle wanted him at their showrooms, and A-Listers partied with him at night. But Georgio Peviani doesn't actually exist.. does he?

    WATCH NEXT: How My Shed Became the #1 Rated Restaurant in London –

  2. calipdis2 says

    Can you get into an ONU security council?

  3. Some Guy says

    This made me wanna become a fashion designer. Anyone wanna dissuade me for it lemme know if I’m making the right decision

  4. luhole says

    The subtitles say “Georgio Pepperoni” which I think is an improvement, no?

  5. random special says

    i know people watch this stuff for entertainment !

    but i see this as the biggest motivation ever !

  6. leirion says

    6:09 this jacket is so cute

  7. The Animated Mint Lettuce says

    Well now Georgio Peviani is famous

  8. Jap Leoj says

    one of the best video i’ve seen in my whole life

  9. rutvijso says

    Fun game: have a shot everytime someone says "GEORGIO PEVIANI".

  10. Salty bee says

    High end fashion (most but not all) looks like random generated sims

  11. Taylor Neal says

    this man could bullshit his way into area 51 or fucking khan the world into thinking US' debt doesn't exist.

  12. Mr FAQAT says

    Simply a Genius

  13. Laring? says

    Learned two things today.
    1. Fashion is dumb
    2. You can achieve everything with confidence.

  14. zestysausauge says

    Kinda like Mr. McDowell

  15. Eviromental Crafts says

    "Grandpa what's the craziest thing you've ever done?"

    "Well once I crashed Paris Fashion Week and pretended to be someone who doesn't even exist"

  16. Rex 1234 says

    This guy is just awesome!

  17. Sandwich says

    This guy really looks 1000% like my agressive lesbian neighbor, which is always annoyed of men

  18. Joko Mandiri says

    i seriously want one georgiio peviani jean

  19. Ben Hu says

    Song @3:41 is called Love Me Now – Bimbo Jones

  20. Odair Marley says

    This guy is a legend

  21. MarcsThug says

    I hope that Giorgio Peviani becomes a real thing and become a luxurious brand, that would be so hilarious…

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