How to draw: a woman body / fashion figure | Fashion drawing for beginners #2 | Justine Leconte


Basic fashion croquis tutorial for beginners:
demonstration of the proportions of the fashion figure step by step.
This tutorial shows how to draw each part of the body to get an elongated, 10-head tall girl like what designers do in fashion drawing.

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  1. Hey peachy says

    I didn't get the measurement portion ?

  2. Keren Liu says

    how many centimeters is one segment?

  3. rutuja sawant says

    What is the measurements between two line??

  4. Monika Johansson says

    I agree with you Justine. Unfortunatelly the models in the fashionworld are to scinny.
    Even the big modelagency says the same thing…Hopefully someone will change it one day.
    Shapes and curves on women are so beautiful. When did we have women showing curves. was it in the 50 century?

  5. Hello Kitty says

    What are the pencils you're using?

  6. heeHEE haHAA says


  7. selective outrage says

    Lines were too light. I could barely see

  8. Pone Pone says

    Thanks u so much

  9. Riddhi Pandya says

    Thank you!!!

  10. fallen feather says

    I like when she say "it must look healthy".
    ..because in reality of fashion world, unhealthy figures shapes of models exist. Im sure Justine saw that.
    So in my conclusion Justine wants to improve that. I love it.

  11. sunita Kotwani says

    Hi can you teach drawing for kids figure?

  12. Anya Vilain says

    Hi Justine, how do you draw a fashion figure with her legs "open", one hand on her hips and another one above her head? Because you can't use the lines and numbers on that pose… Thanks a lot for doing a vlog about that XXX

  13. Zainab noor says

    oh thank you so much mam its just so easy to understand the basics love u

  14. Enah Pasirayi says

    Thank you so much very easy to follow instructions

  15. Yunita Chairunnisa says

    Hey! i am from Indonesia , may i know how cm between No.1 and 2 ?

  16. Liz Clarke says

    Im good at this bt o don't know wethr I can b a designer cuz I'm too short

  17. Hafsa Asim says

    which type of papers do i use??

  18. Ahmon Bryant says

    yes you simplify we thank you for sharing the skills I can already tell with your help ill be great thank you

  19. Alice Roberts says

    This is the most helpful video ever! i am training to be a fashion designer and this has helped in so many ways! thank you so so so so so so much! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Freddie Ivory says

    Great!!! Thank you❤️❤️??

  21. Elasticgirl Ladybug says


  22. what in mind says

    I like and love your channel to much thank you

  23. what in mind says

    Can u give me the size of these blocks

  24. Maxim Max says

    Tnx so much really like it

  25. Janice Pinto says

    how much inches gap between the number 1,2,3…?

  26. Lalita Harjai says

    I realy like your video

  27. Pooja Singh says

    It was really helpfull but I have problem nobody can support me but I want to be a fashion designer and I have only 12 so plz suggest me can I do this or not

  28. birsh baby says

    Thank you so much

  29. Nital Jain says

    what should be the difference between the 10 segments ?

  30. z says

    Hi Justine! I am so in love w ur video! I have some questions hope u can reply this. The paper u used to draw the lines template, does the size matter? Is A4 size paper suffice? Also, for the shoulder lines, waist lines, hips do we know how wide should we draw? And how many heads shoukd we draw for generally petite women height 145-158cm? Thank u justine!

  31. Griffin Dhanush says

    pls tell how to draw the face

  32. Chitra Ganesh says

    Thank u really easy I was struggling to draw the shape but I had many and many different types of dress design tq

  33. Butterfly Girl says

    Thank you. I am learning alot from you.

  34. Claudia Susanu says

    Thanks a lot! I just discovered your channel and I'm already accro, I find it very useful, I studied architecture, but I wanted to learn how to sketch people and your tutorials are a very efficient and easy way to do it, you're amazing! ❤️ from Romania!

  35. fatema sami says

    Thanks for making such basic videos like how to be better in sketching really helps alot

  36. Love Wins says

    Thank you!!❤❤
    How wide are the hips and shoulders ? Relatively with the head . Please Help.

  37. Creative Thoughts says

    Amazing ..!!

  38. yalem mola says

    I really like the way you explain. simple and smart ….
    Keep it up

  39. Lesley Anne Bocalbos says

    hi! what brand of pen you're using?

  40. Nafeesa Hussain says

    ???keep it up dear….u helped me. its soo easy to learn with u.

  41. Margarita Gali says

    Thanks for the tips this is perfect! The only con is the gulping sounds you keep doing in all of your videos and they can drive a person crazy! Other then than just great! 🙂

  42. Stella Sieh says

    Hi Justine, do you need to provide all measurements of the design piece to the pattern makers or they will will figure them out themselves ?

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