How to get WIND DRAGON in Dragon City By Breeding Soccer Dragon and Gummy Dragon


How to get WIND DRAGON in Dragon City By Breeding Soccer Dragon and Gummy Dragon
You can get a Wind Dragon by breeding two Rare Hybrid dragons with each other at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree. These are the Rare Hybrid dragons:
Cool fire
Poo [2]
Note : that no combination is 100% sure when it comes to getting a Wind Dragon. It can just became a Rare Hybrid dragons again or other dragon. Fonteman created it, he made this dragon amazing.

“Famous for its flying skills, this Dragon can float for hours and hours without even moving a wing. It’s a master of the currents and some witnesses say that it changes color according to weather!”

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  1. Hazy Hazairin says

    Ooh wait that sound also in 00:06 it's soo scared

  2. Hazy Hazairin says

    Ionut what is that sound at 00:08 and 00:17 that sound make me scared like a lightning or something

  3. Hazy Hazairin says

    This guy name is Ionut DC Walck on facebook

  4. razvan florin says

    tree breeding ultra cool if you put faier + SOCER should you give another 5 jams

  5. Pablo Ftw says

    for how much time they breed?

  6. Michael Cantu says

    Does this comno still work been at it for 3 days now nothing

  7. aaron 4ii says

    For what is the breeding tree

  8. JeyCee says

    They use to put legendary dragons for lvl 24 I was in lvl 23 that time tpbut then they just had to update it and put lvl 38

  9. Fnatic xPeke says

    Pls guys,help me,how to get that habbitat?

  10. Abrar Ahmed says


  11. Abrar Ahmed says

    wind dragon is a leg..o.O

  12. Abrar Ahmed says

    legendary habitat

  13. Star says

    Thx I have 2 soccer dragons and NO gummy dragon and I want a legendary dragon to put in my kindergarten and I am lvl 16 and I need a legendary habitat somewhere for my dragons.

  14. Slugger Gunna says

    hi what habitat i can put wind dragon?

  15. Zest— SonKi says


  16. Alejo Pablo says

    Work 😀

  17. Ravi kirana says


  18. Sanad says

    I got mine from the Shuffle last month.

  19. rad oo says

    eu il am pe legendary, doar ca lam castigat la carti…

  20. ali masoud says

    do you need to level up your dragons to get legendry?

  21. sandro eradze says

    also petroleum dragon + pirate dragon = wind dragon (legendary)

  22. VeJesus says

    i tought you so pose to get a leg

  23. munchkinartist says

    the first time i bred those two i got a mirror dragon

  24. nukatuko nomochi says

    the voice like the announcer to the rasing of horse

  25. The Lone Wolf says

    u are ro?

  26. Sok Seiha Ny says

    I breed cool fire and cool fire I got wind dragon this is insane but my dragons lv is 12 and 4

  27. Klark Noel E. Palacio says

    PURE or Other LEGEND Dragon

  28. job1n says


  29. Vaggelis Athan says

    Finally ur voice is normal 🙂

  30. Aki2547 says

    nice man continue

  31. 360coins says

    or am i mistake 1 day and 24 hours XD

  32. 360coins says

    i tried it 1 time it has been breeding for 1 days and 12 hours?


    yes no yes no ok now yes

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