How to Go LIVE on YouTube with a Computer or Smartphone — 4 Ways


Quick YouTube live streaming tutorial covering 4 different ways to go live on YouTube with a computer or a smartphone! **** Check out other videos in our YouTube live-streaming tips series here:

**** Show Notes, Video Gear List, and Resources ****

1. Webcam I use: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

2. USB Microphone: Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

(video) My full review of the RODE NT-USB microphone

3. (Video Tutorial) How to make a custom thumbnail quick and easy with free software

4. YouTube live FAQs

5. (Video Series) Best Smartphone Accessories for Live-Streaming

6. How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR (Live Streaming Setup Tour)

7. Software Encoders for Live-Streaming
* Free Software
* Paid Software
* Paid Software

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———Cameras and Gear Used To Shoot This Video ——-

(Video Gear I Use) 4K YouTube Home YouTube Studio Setup

This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a PC.

This VIDEO was quickly color graded with Gorilla Grade LUTs. Check out a video about them here:

About This Video:
In this video, Sean Cannell from Think Media shares DSLR vlogging tips and DSLR vlogging settings with the Canon 6D Mark II. If you are looking for the best DSLR vlogging setup or tips for vlogging with a DSLR, check out this video! This Canon 6D Mark II tutorial for vlogging and video covers the best Canon 6D Mark II settings and step-by-step Canon 6D Mark II setup. The Canon 6D Mark II is a full frame camera with a flip screen, and this video test shows its video possibilities. This camera has a full frame sensor. Check out these Canon 6D Mark II tips and tricks as well as the Canon 6D Mark II setup and video settings.

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    ⚡QOTD: Have you started live-streaming on YouTube yet? Do you use a computer or a smartphone? LMK! ??? Watch other videos in our YouTube live-streaming tips series here: ?⚡?

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    Great video Sean! A lot of take aways. Question for you on Youtube Go Live – after you go live do you keep the video on your channel or just delete them? Can't see to see any of yours so wondering if you think it is better to delete as it is harder for Go Live content to be of the same standard as the usual vids.


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    imagine im watching this now! in 2020. im about to do my first live stream. my channel is still a baby so here I am learning some tips. Thanks Sean,very clear as always

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    when I go live, in about a minute the live stops because "there was copyright audio detected or community guidlines" even though I didnt have anything playing, and I didnt even do anything bad.

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