How To Lose Weight Through Cycling | Healthy Weight-loss From Riding Your Bike


Cycling is a fantastic way to lose weight, and burn fat, but when it comes to weight-loss you should approach it with good nutritional practises and realistic goals. If you’re looking to shift a few pounds or simply approach optimal race weight, these tips will help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Try to avoid fad diets and starving yourself of the required calories that exercise requires.

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How much weight have you lost through riding your bike?

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  1. Will Lehrfeld says

    Great stuff, thanks.

  2. Claudia Vargas says

    I'm vegetarian meal consumption and eating 1,600 calories but it's 3lbs vegetables, 2 days meat meals total 8oz animal food meat consumption.

  3. bikerchamp9timessofa says

    Great segment love early before food riding

  4. Hunter Crosby says

    Five ads on a 15 minute video? Jesus Christ, guys.

  5. MarkOne says

    BS lean protein. fat is healthy, if it's natural

  6. E Parker says

    Another excellent video from GCN – thanks again ! This kind of sensible and common-sense advice should be much more widely seen and understood.

  7. Craig Lamont says

    At the start of lockdown, I got back on a bike after a 30 year break. Many years of beer, kebabs, no exercise and a day job where I sit down all day, saw me at 16st 9lbs. Four months later, I've lost 2st 2lbs, cycled nearly 1600 miles and feel the best I have done in over 20 years. I turn 50 next February and rediscovering my teenage love for cycling has changed my life dramatically.
    My arthritic knees no longer hurt, my tinnitus has been massively reduced and my insomnia is a thing of the past.

  8. disgruntledtoons says

    Don't carb load. You can only store so much glycogen. The rest becomes belly or buttock.

    Do some weight training. Adding a pound of muscle to your arms won't hurt your riding pace, but that pound of muscle will burn 30-50 calories per day, including days you don't ride.

  9. Darrell Whitford says

    Why do they only show Ollie eating in this video?

  10. Alan 59 says

    It's easy , 53X12 !

  11. Nick Scholtens says

    I'm getting fat sitting here watching GCN videos….

  12. MsMira Capecchi says

    I live in Wales – which is one big hill. Where ever you ride – there's a great big hill, so eating healthy – always have – dieting – no!

  13. carlos Pinho says

    Good sensible advice! Thanks for not adding to the confusion!

  14. F C says

    What kind of ads are these before the video? Bacon and food ads??? ? ?

  15. Miguel Fajardo says

    It's impossible not to notice how beautiful is that girl ? (I haven't sought her name ?)

  16. beeble2003 says

    0:26 "How to use cycling as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle." Well, if you're not balanced, you're going to fall off!

  17. Pascal Kolkman says

    Intermittend Fasting. No diet.
    Start with a 9 hour eating / 15 hour non eating window fi from 08:00 – 17.00 on and from 17:0008:00 off.
    Try not to eat just before going to bed to sleep. Digesting takes a lot of energy wich has a negative effect on body rest .
    Also sugar or caffeine before going to bed gives you a energy wake up boost just in time when you need to slow down.
    Try to delay your energy boost for after the exercise or after the training.
    I like not to eat much during training . Because most of us have enough sugar stored ( during the eating window) in their body muscles & liver to train intense for 1 hour anyway. And digesting food costs a lot of energy too.
    So during a 1 hour training you don't need extra food or the fast sugar sport drinks like advised in the video.
    After 1 hour training without fueling you can start burning stored body fats.
    Safe the fast sugar sport drinks and caffeine coffee for race day or competition day when you can really need the boost in energy the most.
    Try increasing the intermittend fasting non eating window from 15 to 16 or even 18 hours fi from 17:00 – 11.00 especially on non training rest days to avoid gaining back the fat weight you have lost.
    You will notice the food / eating will taste a lot better after exercise in a fasted state wich makes it easier to eat healthy vegetables you would normally dislike when you are not very hungry. See the food as a reward afterwards for your training efforts / pains.
    It is the same Like a hunter who catches his prey after a long hunt at the end of the day eating it slowly by the camp fire with his tribe or family in stead of eating a prey in the morning before he goes out into the wilderness for a hunt.
    Try not to sleep during daytime daylight, only during nighttime darkness. Because sleeping will slow down your metabolism and disturb melatonine schedules.
    The less you sleep during the day, the more you will sleep during the Night ?.
    That' s the natural way animals live and eat and the natural way humans use to live .
    The best timing for low intensity Zone 1/2 training is in the morning before the eating Window.
    The best timing for high intensity Zone 4/5 training fi a time trial or hill repears session is in the early evening 1-2 hours after the eating Window at the start of the fasting period.
    Last but not least. Just Weight loss is not the long term goal. Because if you don't give up and keep trying after faillures, there will become a time when you have achieved your optimal weight and performance ratio. Then being healthy & athletic remains as the main long term goal.
    Losing more weight than your optimal weight can cause being weaker and losing poWer on the bike .
    I have noticed. This fasting rythem is more effective than diets. Since during the daily eating window hours you can choose to eat all kind of different things without restrictions like no carbohydrates atkins diet, no bread or potato diet, no meat diet, etc there is little chance that your body will suffer from shortage of certain nutricients vitamins or minerals.
    Though it's hard in the beginning to get rid of old bad addictive unnatural eating habits or though it is tough to keep on going the intermittend fasting once you have lost weight. After that It's also a great way to keep your weight constant or to prevent from gaining more weight.
    All in all intermittend fasting is a powerfull tool wich puts you back in control again of managing your body weight, fluctuations.
    GOOD Luck.

  18. Bikejon says

    Phew! At least I have successfully warded off the unhealthy "below 8% body fat" ??

  19. Atheeb Ahamed says

    It,s too tough to me, I have some problem with cycling. Please gave me some ideas like this

  20. Russ Schuett says

    I got two Pringles holders on my bike to keep me well fueled while riding. ?

  21. AG Coarseman says

    Ride more, eat less….there you go.

  22. Vibes Clothes says

    I had a good experience on fitness world bout two years now first start with playing cardio and lifting a light weight and call it what you will all the advices for the beginner but then had to level up my level and start doing a few diet plans but i stopped cuz i want to leave it as a last choice

    but then here it comes the COVID19 man !!!

    so i started that diet plan again and it's really works . man it's just here their amazing product see your self Keto

  23. Dave Patricio says

    Thank you cycling! I lost around 20kgs on the saddle

  24. Mark Schmidt says


  25. Solomon Raja says

    woow, such a wonderful awesome work out. Thank you for showing all the details and explanation in very useful way…

  26. Lawrence Anderson says

    The title is click-bait. 95% of weight loss is diet and 5% is exercise. I have cycled passed the same fat cyclists on my regular ride for years.

  27. lock1uk says

    I liked the Video, I found cycling hard to start with and I love my food. I have been out on the new bike I got Two to three times a week and one of the days I cycling into work and back home but on the way home it is all uphill, I have found my body is slowly changing and the beer belly is going away. I came across GCN a few months ago and all thanks to the team that got me back out on my bike again with all the good videos and help they put into them of us new cyclist's,

  28. John Murray says

    Tips after losing 8 stone on the bike and in the kitchen without dieting 1) Don,t diet! get to know what you are eating (not all carbs, sugers and proteins are equal) and develop a new healthy food normal for yourself (some good tips in the video esp plant based meals) – eating foods you like is vital 2) don't dump the treats but limit biscuits, cake etc – try non wheat flour low sugar recipes c) BUT snack healthy!!!! this is where alot of healthy eating efforts go astray – chop some fruit/veg eg apples, carrots, tangerines leave them around to snack on if you fancy a nibble (cheap too 5 apples = 1 chocolate bar!). This is also great for maintaining vitamin and mineral levels.. Finally respect your food.. cook it with love and savour what you eat. Oh and train train train choo choo

  29. Bernard Tan says

    You can lose weight without having to sweat at all… diet is more powerful than cycling.

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