How to Organize Messy Computer Cords with Cable Station (Writable Grey)


Available in black and writable gray**

Stop tangled and messy cords from your computer behind your desk. “Cable Station 1” gathers and organizes cords from computer system, router, printer, monitor, speaker, telephone, and entertainment system. A small product that makes a big difference in organizing cords.

“Cable Station 1” – Keep it organize, the hassle free way!

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  1. ParadiseSunrise Yoga says


  2. TheComputerDewd says

    Lol, just use zip ties.

  3. oceantrolls73 says

    when will computer companies start manufacturing a monitor with at least 3 USB ports built into it to connect mouse and keyboard directly on the table top rather than having to run the wires to the CPU?

  4. K3ZMusic says

    i just used some bread ties 🙂

  5. kwblanchard_evo says

    how bout u use a zip tie?

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