How To Shoot a Basketball PERFECTLY


In this video, Coach Ryan Razooky shows you how to shoot a basketball the RIGHT way. Giving you a clear example of a proper flight path and hand position when you soon!

Want to shoot better? Get your free guard training at:

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  1. ILoveBasketballTV says

    Want to shoot better? Get your free guard training at: ?


  2. easystzy says

    i’m the 900th comment.

  3. SuCremes says

    Put your hands on the seams

  4. DARIOTHE DUDE Yee says

    Thank you ryan

  5. Jennifer Ga-as says

    we dont have time to arange

  6. Lennox Farkas says

    In Germany we don’t Need this we have Holger Geschwinder

  7. ツVctor says

    this helped me:D

  8. shaquil joseph says

    I made 5 3 pointers in a row u the best

  9. Buddy 455 says

    Lol I’m white ?

  10. Brazzy says

    Im here because my shooting was off nd yesterday wasnt my best day

  11. 1 million subscribers without videos challenge says

    I average 10 fucking points a game. That's hwy I'm here

  12. FS septakaz says

    this dude got cooked by in the lab

  13. ᴅᴀᴛɪɴᴅᴇʀ says

    Coach, when I did this I kept hitting rim shots, It’s on those bouncy metal hoops, by the way. I’m also used to the form. Before I used to do this, and got every shot, I don’t know what’s happened

  14. Saul Ristic says

    Your palming the ball my dude

  15. sirano deperdeo says

    I mean.. what a load of crap. Repeating over and over the hand position just to get views by dragging the video longer. You my friend suck and are a con artist

  16. Roddy Ricch says

    After I saw this I went to shoot sum shots and I was struggling cuz most of the shots were going to the right

  17. Roddy Ricch says

    After I saw this I went to shoot sum shots and most of them were going to the right

  18. zmaori korrnt says

    my guy glitched 1:23

  19. Hanzo says

    Thanks coach! This helped me out a lot!!??

  20. Tasha Connie says

    I just started practicing or whatever for fun and At first i was really Good but now I created this bad habit with my wrist or something& now i’m here to fix it ???

  21. Victor Schumacher says

    All the time I release my guiding hand flicks to the right, I got to fix that

  22. EDPoddone _ says

    Ur flights coach

  23. Xurz says

    I use the tip of my fingers when throwing the ball. those any one else do the same thing?

  24. Windex Man says
  25. dmm2306 m. says

    Can this form work for shorter players or smaller hands? Thanks, please share example

  26. zach walshe says


  27. DemonEx says

    I love basketball tv has helped me improve so much this year especially with my free time in quarintine ‼️

  28. Decent_Mood100JR says

    I’m playing for my school next year ?

  29. Decent_Mood100JR says

    Play for my school next year ?

  30. boomstake _21 says

    Stop nagging me for how ugly my shot is ?

  31. Yuvraj Singh Thakur says

    what happens if ball fall on floor and stops rolling

  32. Matthew Seymour says

    any tips for palming a ball?

  33. Will Earle says

    Omg u love u so much thank uuuuuu i win a 1v1 against the best basketball player in our school keep it up mate

  34. Alexandroskati says

    But im left-handed do i shoot with my left hand

  35. SEGATENDO productions says

    Thanks you for the help now I will be ready for the 7th Grade Basketball tryouts!!!

  36. Kingz says

    Literally trying to fix my form and i seen R2 on the thumbnail and instantly clicked. This helped alot thank you.?

  37. Scripted says

    Thank you you helped me i am hitting almost every shot and the Boys in my class are staring at me Like what the fuck. Thank you once again.

  38. David Chandler says

    wow this guy has 2m sub, i just sen him in the lab its obvious he doesnt even know how to play, watching him play i would call his site a fraud to be honest

  39. SiEgE Uk says


  40. Roberts Mendriķis says


  41. KEONI says

    If your playing a Game what you gonna do go to the cement hold on let me find my perfect but OK OK got it on the air pump in you

  42. Isaiah Bell says

    I’m gonna sign for my school basketball team

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