How To Shoot A Soccer Ball With Power And Accuracy From Far


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In this video, we go over how to shoot a soccer ball with power and accuracy from far away. When I say far away, I mean at least 18 yards away from goal. In most cases farther than that.

This is an incredibly important skill to develop because it will allow you to score more goals or take more chances which will in the end, help you and more importantly, your team.

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  1. SimplySoccer says

    In this video, we go over how to shoot a soccer ball with power and accuracy from far away. When I say far away, I mean at least 18 yards away from goal. In most cases farther than that. Check out my FREE Ebook here:

  2. khriss turcios says

    I know how to but I just want to know if I’m hitting it right

  3. Leonardo Corzo says


  4. Avery McAdams says

    This helped sm

  5. Sadiq Shaikh says

    Click bait : exist
    Simply soccer : Im about to end this man's carrier

  6. maximilliaan 04 says

    my body is slitly forward while leaning back

  7. Jisoo’s Laugh says

    Time to be one of the people who kicked away a teargas

  8. TheRealJacobHarns says

    i was shooting w horrible form and i got mad so i looked up a vid and this legit helped so much!!!

  9. raouf football academy says

    you want to learn football skills vist my channel

  10. Sunder Bahadur says
  11. Ahmad Mateen says

    O K A Y G U Y S
    (r.i.p for headphone users)

  12. Mushi S says

    You had a flat ball that’s why you are shooting hard so first prove you have a hard ball instead of a flat one

  13. martin musela says

    Dude this actually works thank you ?

  14. Thodwrhs F says

    Thanks ⚽⚽

  15. Saxon Lewis says

    Man's tapping it and it's going like 10000km/h

  16. Khin Kyu Kyu Soe says


  17. Asian Epic Gamers says


  18. Asian Epic Gamers says


  19. Steven A says

    Did that guy just ask for 75 likes?

  20. Brooker Bros says
    Football training for kids by brookerbros

  21. Mario V says

    I'm really confused with kicking the ball. It's not even going up in the air. Always on the ground

  22. Flash Cat says

    I’ve always been taught to use the side up my foot and this always makes my ankle hurt

  23. Joe Alvarado2 says

    thanks for the advice now im a starting forward

  24. The JV Letterman says

    6:13 with earphones or volume all the way up

  25. Harry Herman says

    Great thanks , really useful.

  26. Joseph Afuwape says

    Haha 2:24 smack the living crap out of it

  27. Ali Saqi says

    You gave us the best secrets to shoot, thanks??

  28. All In One says

    6:12 O God I became deaf. Rip Headphone users2

  29. Evangeline G says

    amazing video

  30. Lodi Dodi says

    Great this bullshit taught me nothing and Ik that I personally am the reason I tried playing soccer for 2 hours everyday for 7 weeks and all I got out of it was I sucked people Make fun of me I didn’t get on any team and my high school thinks I’m a dork and a weirdo I tried out for every sport team that I’ve played for over 9 years and I put in so much effort and so much time just to suck so guess Ima go kill myself have a nice day

  31. Sha Zam says

    Thanks brother

  32. GideonLaNg _ says

    Everyone here has s the 1 friend who is shit at football

  33. middle eastern art anime and more says

    I use the inside of my foot is that ok

  34. MYST YEET says

    Thanks, Really helped

  35. Nijwm Narzary says

    Anyone in quarantine… Watching.. ?

  36. Ghost Shoot3rBo0 says

    "Smack the living crap out of it" ?
    Perfectly describes my teammate ??

  37. Maximillian Booker says

    How effective is Episoketren System? I've noticed numerous awesome things about this popular training program.

  38. rene saldana says

    You have a short follow through it’s odd.

  39. Blessing Emmanuel says

    I am skill full ? and 12 years old when i live in France when I was young I was good in shoot but now I am not

  40. DKrisz7 says

    best explination video ever, Thank you soo mutch ❤

  41. Ride The Gamer says

    Hey brothaa

  42. Nicolo Muraro says

    dude this helped a lot thanks

  43. vsubhuti says

    perfect u r the best you tube soccer coach ….voice too loud at times

  44. Sohn Stephen says

    What do you mean by locking your ankle?

  45. HeyHuey says

    I coach my kids to aim their plant foot toward where they want the ball to go. If your plant foot is sideways you ball will squirt away.

  46. ビボ says
  47. Messi Lionel says

    What a shooting technic super bury u will make me like messi

  48. ActualDuck4112 says

    When I shoot the ball just doesn't leave the ground

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