How to Talk about Race: Eric Deggans at TEDxBloomington


Despite having elected a black president, says Eric Deggans, the conversation about race in America is just beginning — but it’s vital that we not shy away from it. Deggans, TV/Media Critic for the Tampa Bay Times, also provides freelance commentaries on television for National Public Radio and writes on sports media issues for the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana University. He is also the author of “Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation,” a look at how prejudice, racism and sexism fuels some elements of modern media, published in October 2012 by Palgrave Macmillan. Now serving as chair of the Media Monitoring Committee for the National Association of Black Journalists, Deggans has also served on the board of directors for the national Television Critics Association.

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  1. OTRTrucker Rob says

    We need to bring this up. This did not get enough views

  2. Akeem Jones says

    Obama is half white.

  3. Barbara Moore Williams says

    excellent talk

  4. Diane Wiegel says

    great talk, talking about race is not racism.

  5. fractal disco says

    With a voice as calming as that, he could talk about anything… From racism to riots to golf announcing, he's a natural de-escalator.

  6. Mana Montana says

    so if I tell black people stop blaming your problems on racism and start improving yourself. if that makes them uncomfortable does that means they are doing it right?

  7. Gorky D says

    Talking is only 1/2 of the conversation. Try listening, why is anyone calling you a race-baiter? You use it to promote yourself but you don't address it. I don't know, I've never heard of Eric Deggans so I have no idea why.

  8. Toast Duck says

    his IQ is in the top .9999% of all back people for sure. period.

  9. LordBitememan says

    Of course everyone wants to avoid talking about race. Say the wrong thing and you're branded a racist and an internet lynchmob forms to dox, harass, physically threaten you, and harass your employer to get you sent to the unemployment line. You can't raise consequences to this level and expect people to jump in and go have that conversation you want.

  10. John Prewett says

    fears about his safety forced me to come to grips with a troubling reality:


    As much as
    I ranted about white folks' messing with us, I felt more threatened physically


    – by my own
    people and the powerful self hatred driving them………"


    ME WANNA HOLLER by Nathan McCall [born 1955]

    [Prof Afro Am studies – Emory U] Published 1994 Page 410



  11. Paris Querido says

    I'm a lucky educated withe man, with successful business, who happens to speaks 5 languages. Well, if I do have the same history and experience of some black people or just poor people from any country, I probably be dead or in jail . Thanks Eric for being so nice. I always admire people who can react "politely" against so many bastards who just dont feel they are "enough" and have to put down other people for feeling good and / or exploit them in order to makes their living instead of contributing to the human expansion and conquer happiness for the humanity all together. Love u Eric

  12. Seairra Moore says

    one of the best Ted Talks for 9th grade research paper on race in america :3

  13. Michael Powell says

    This is how you talk about race and the epidemic of black on white violence…

    7/16/15 Two 13 yr old girls had their lemonade stand knocked over and were robbed by a 18 yr old black male in CA.

    7/9/15 Susan Pedersen and her two young kids were at a stoplight when dozens of blacks attacked her car (kicking, shaking, denting and breaking the back window by throwing a bicycle through it) while shouting racial epithets in Chicago, Il.

    7/7/15 Phillip Burgess, 53, was robbed and beaten to death in a parking lot by 4 black males in NC.

    7/6/15 Regina Holmes, 85 was beaten, stabbed and had her throat slit by 37 yr old black man Leroy Wilson in PA.

    7/5/15 John Hester Sr, 68, was shot and killed while confronting 7 black males (3 of the 7 teenagers arrested were members of last year’s Colquitt County Packers state champion football team)  that robbed his home in Norman Park, GA.

    7/4/15 Kevin Sutherland, 24, was murdered by being robbed, beaten and stabbed 40 times with a few kicks to the head at the end of the assault on a crowded train by 18 yr old Jasper Spires, who also robbed two women while waiting for the next train stop in DC.

    7/4/15 Christopher McKnight, 27, was beaten unconscious by large crowd of black males leaving a hiphop concert in Cinc. OH.

    6/30/15 Kelsey Ewonus,22, was fatally shot by Antoine Fielder in Kansas City, KA.

    6/28/15 26 yr old female shot in face in by four black males in an attempted car jacking in Mobile, Al.

    6/27/15 Cody Harrison was robbed and beaten leaving his eye closed shut by two black males in Memphis, TN

    6/24/15 Ben Vernon, 32, and Alex Wallbertt, 37, two firefighters tending to a patient were both stabbed by a black man in CA.

    6/24/15  52 yr old man was hit in the head from behind, falling off his scooter and was then kicked in the head by a black teen in Ca.

    6/22/15 Ricky Griffin, 54, was beaten to death by 25 yr old black man Kieron Alexander in Dallas, TX

    6/22/15 Timothy Houser, 36,  (who is disabled) was run off the road, punched in the face and robbed by a black man in Ind, In

    6/19/15 Doyle Ingram, 66, was murdered by a 29 yr old black man Cecil Rashad Chappell in Alpine, AL

    6/19/15 14 yr old teen holding her 3 yr old cousin (whose head hit the pavement and required stitches) was savagely beaten by a 13 yr old black teen girl in TX

    5/26/15 David Poole, 44, is brain dead after having his head cracked open after being robbed by three black men in PA

    5/1/15 Unamed 49 yr old deaf and mentally challenged man beaten, stabbed and slashed multiple times by two black males in Hillsborough, FL.

    4/27/15 – Ana Charle, 36, was murdered by a black male while working at a homeless shelter in New York City, NY.

    4/24/15 – David Fuller, 26, was shot and killed by a black male while delivering pizzas in Flint, MI.

    4/22/15 – David Pence, 56 and Nicholas Pence, 26 were killed execution style when two black males invaded their home in Metairie, LA.

    4/20/15 –Aiden Louis Bard, 8, died from being burned in a scalding hot bath by his black DCFS caregiver in Deerfield, IL.

    4/17/15 – Cassandra Cassidy, 24, was shot and killed by multiple black males in a car in Las Vegas, NV.

    4/17/15 – Samantha J. Fleming, 23, was stabbed to death in her home by a black female in Gary, IN. Police say the perp pretended to be a government worker.

    4/15/15 – Floyd Valachovic, elderly, was beaten to death by a black male in St. Stephens, SC.

    4/11/15 – Nils Johnson, 39, was beaten to death by a black male in Oak Park Heights, MN.

    4/2/15 – Cheri Amber Houston, 28, was killed by a black male in Lake County, FL.

    3/26/15 – Destiny Asher, 23, was shot and killed by a black male who wanted to rob her and her friends in Indianapolis, IN.

    1/19/15 – 23 yr old and a 56 yr old male were beaten and robbed by 6 black males on the Skyway in MN.

    1/2/15 – Jamie Lee Rappuhn, 36, was shot and killed by a black male while driving his car in Flint, MI.

  14. reginarobertkrystyn says

    Good point 2:333:55

  15. Roland Taylor says

    Very good video.

  16. James Sartin says


  17. NanoSquid says

    DEFCON 5 is actually the lowest level. Always funny to me :v

  18. Saint P says

    Nice, short talk. Wish this kind of language was more widespread, more people would be willing to be rational, honest, and understanding about the issue instead of self-righteous or defensive.

  19. blackcrss says

    I'm glad people like you are on the internet. Too often is reason drowned out

  20. Adriel Rose says

    Definitely. Agreed.

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