Huey Lewis And The News – Do You Believe In Love (Official Music Video)


Official video for Huey Lewis and The News song “Do You Believe In Love” from the album Picture This. Buy It Here:
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  1. Bong Rapiz Tadena says

    I love it…

  2. M Sanchez says

    Tooo we oooo

  3. Lucy Sellers says

    This song is so awesome!

  4. irma enoughsaid says

  5. TN_AU says


  6. Paul Berthold says

    The song that started it all in 1982. A group’s run that coincided almost perfectly and exclusively with literally “The 80’s” from about 1982-1991.

  7. RommeeManuel says

    That harmony is unbelievable! 02:23

  8. Riaz Uddin says

    ???? i love heuy lewis and the news.????

  9. Amber Ordaz says

    WOW! Huey Lewis And The News! I miss the 80's! I even remember seeing them play after an MLB game in the mid 90's I went to with my family.

  10. Artful Dodger says

    This sort of thing happened all the time in the 80's. Women would wake up in the middle of the night and be startled to see a band singing to them. Sometime it was Huey Lewis and the News, sometimes it was Duran Duran, sometimes it was Tears for Fears. If you were really unlucky, you might get Alice Cooper or Taco.

    And then the bands would finish their song and wander off into the night or sometimes stay for breakfast as in this video.

    Those were the good days.

  11. Alex G says

    Such an obvious plagiarism of ELO's "Sweet Talkin' Woman".

  12. K M says

    This is how subliminal messaging was done before TV and cell phones

  13. Queen Chan says

    Dawn Fisher I miss you by Santy Sunny Kanjanabout

  14. buzzcrushtrendkill says

    Written by the guy who produced Def Leppard and AC/DC ??

  15. J Normile says

    Why can’t Huey Lewis and the news be singing to me while I sleep ?

  16. Marius Neagoe says


  17. ROBERT VENTER says

    80s best ever

  18. bambino100011 says

    I hate 2020, I wish I could relive the 1980’s again. ?

  19. Joseph Chegeh says

    When Songs were Cool


    Mah penso sia difficile visto che in chat cercano solo la botta e via

  21. Josh Richard says

    1:41 Just when you think things couldn't get creepier, we get harmonized gang rape.

  22. Marzya1 says

    I think I forgot to mention how irresistible this song is ????????.

  23. Roger Seebald says

    Gang rape in the mtv video form

  24. Tina Jones says

    Just listening to the interview on Questlove Supreme. So good! I love the story about this video.

  25. Purple Strike says


  26. Nick Regian says

    *Huey Lewis And The Mullets

  27. Roy Matteri says

    If you don't like this awesome band I'm 68 All I can say is WHAT Huey and the news were FABULOUS

  28. anna stella says

    grade 7 good year. Borrowed this album from a friend. Just love Huey Lewis and the News. Since then i saw them in concern 2x.

  29. Hull Style Produtions Change the World says

    Love the song but the video is creepy.

  30. thesaunderschild says

    This was a double A-side in the UK with "The Power of Love", but it was a hit earlier in 1982. ?

  31. Peter Alvin says

    The song that started it all!

  32. 天動説彦 says


  33. Allen Pape says

    I just have to sing along with this song

  34. Karmic Selling says

    Check out the root of this song … WE BOTH BELIEVE IN LOVE by SUPERCHARGE. Mutt baked the cake, Huey added the frosting and made it a hit.

  35. Braedyn Lenart says

    These were the Best years of our lives

  36. Soul-Struck says

    Wii U

  37. Guy M says

    Haha, sleeper creepers

  38. Zilla Mesh says

    Best Huey Lewis song ever.

  39. Mark J Young says

    If you believe in love come with me and I’ll show you ❤️

  40. carolyn thompson says

    The music of Huey Lewis & The News never gets old. It's a trip back to the fabulous 80's. ♡♡♡

  41. mov4 ward2019 says

    I met a girl named ? Rose, and I really like her??. I don't know if she knows it yet……

  42. Xtreme Dirt Racing says

    RIP Huey

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