I Hosted A $20,000 Fortnite Fashion Show!


I Hosted A $20,000 Fortnite Fashion Show! Huge thank you to Epic Games for helping put this together and all 28,000 of you who entered.
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  1. Wilburn Mathis says

    14:40 everyone finna ignore the fact that someone wearing KIT HENCHMEN SKIN 4 MONTHS AGO

  2. Catalina Russell says

    When will do another one of those team adi

  3. Anthony Wang says

    Subscribe to moonit

  4. Mr Grice says


  5. DariusMart hype says

    Me 1v1 ing lacklan me starts cranking lacklan welcome back to another fashion show me comes in lacklan shoots me me again!

  6. Erica Hughes says


  7. Erica Hughes says

    8:47 it’s mrbeast

  8. Warmboi_ 21 says

    When rich dad dies and you get all the money 0:44

  9. Tebogo BOPHELA says


  10. AOfficial 23 says

    the dragon shouldve used the howling emote for the pokemon move howl

  11. Antrivx _ says

    Did anyone not notice how the robot was the toaster henchmen for kit? 😮

  12. The explorer says

    I personally liked bomb guy trash robot and the officer the best

  13. DJ Juliet says

    It would be funny if he shot someone

  14. Wes Bish says

    snake throws grenades and they probably did not want to ruin the set with grenades.

  15. Dylan Is Epic says

    Did anyone notice the fashion show is so out of order

  16. Adriel Joseph says

    Who got this in there recommended

  17. ahmed alfheed says

    The sypherpk is the best

  18. Jamal Lawhorn says

    The monster call me face ?????

  19. Crazed dripzy says

    Bro that the kit Henchmen?!?!?!?

  20. neametalla soliman says

    This is so good

  21. Faze Connor says

    Banana was MEHRKED

  22. Faze Connor says

    I was the batman great job to everyone

  23. Leanne Richards says

    The magician one was definitely my favorite, it was smooth and super clean.

  24. Nadir Bouazzouz says

    The best one trio ???

  25. Bushra Shakeel says

    I’d vote for the robber and robot and police won IT WAS SO COOL WHEN HE DID THE BOOM ?

  26. Yaqub atho says

    Why was Lachy on 220 ping

  27. Eli’s life says


  28. Eli’s life says


  29. Joe Lane says

    0:26 my ears hurt

  30. Joey Rochefort says

    Can we appreciate the fact that the time is thirty Minutes and Thirty seconds?

  31. Mohammed Elfatih Khalid Elfatih Mohammed says


  32. PEWDIEPIE YR says

    I was donkey kong haha

  33. KevinCrazy0825 says

    Am I the only one that was really interested in the fish one

  34. Xxdark DiamondxX says

    How did the one dude have henchmen skin from chap 2 season 3

  35. Jayden Roberts says

    Comment if you love bunnies ?:)

  36. Daljeet Minhas says


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